Cold. Shabby.

Written: 8 november 2014
Travel time: 1 — 3 november 2014
Who does the author recommend the hotel to?: For recreation with friends, for young people
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Rooms: 4.0
Service: 4.0
Cleanliness: 6.0
Food: 6.0
Amenities: 2.0
The hotel was terrible. Firstly, having arrived at seven in the morning, we stood on the street for another half an hour - the hotel was under conservation, and the watchman was just sleeping and did not react to the noise from outside. It was quite cool and "fresh" outside. Finally, when we got inside, we felt all the same coolness and "freshness" of a cheerful morning - the heating did not work)) We were settled on the eighth floor, without hot water, with the heating not working, breakfast was not provided upon arrival (they had not yet hired cooks). I must say that in the future hot water appeared (despite the brown tint, this was a plus), but there were problems with heating for the next two days. As it was possible to find out from the administration, the boiler house was in an emergency condition and could not cope with the heating of the hotel. I especially feel sorry for the elderly women from Yeysk, who traveled on a tour with us - if we could still somehow warm up and endure the night, then it was really hard for them to sleep in jackets and shoes (in the morning we shared our impressions of spending the night). I hope they didn't get sick after the trip. They settled us on the eighth floor. The rooms were shabby, the TV did not work, the elevator broke down from time to time.
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