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Written: 18 october 2018
Travel time: 12 — 20 september 2018
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We chose this hotel because there is the Ionian Sea, we liked it, we wanted to get there, we also wanted the beach to be pebbly. Based on these criteria, we settled on the Regina Hotel 3 *. We liked the photos of the hotel, and of course we were guided by the reviews of people. Upon arrival, we were immediately seated, there were no problems. There are practically no shops nearby. There is no safe traffic, so we moved carefully, mostly there were cafes and restaurants nearby where we ate. There are many seating areas in the area. This is a small, cozy hotel for a quiet relaxing family holiday. There is no swimming pool on site. The tour included breakfast and dinner, everything was great with food and service. Nothing to complain about, rooms, cleaning - everything is fine. The guide offered us excursions at the hotel, but we felt that the price was too high, so we did not use it. If the three of us went on excursions, we would probably go broke. And the hotel is very wonderful, I really liked it.
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