Bulgarian passions-muzzles, or How I spent the summer of 2018

13 September 2019 Travel time: with 08 June 2018 on 06 September 2018
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Hello everyone, my dear readers, both regular and, I hope, new! I apologize for not being happy with my inventions for a long time, although, as I see it, my texts live slowly, and even take part in competitions without my knowledge))) Well, that's even good. That's why last year's story is about how I decided to earn extra money in Bulgaria. I will present a couple more soon.

Dinner in Nessebar

"Work and leisure in Bulgaria" - I came across an ad on Facebook in May, when I was suffering in anticipation, as usual, of a boring summer in Zaporozhye. Hot, well tired of sedentary work at home, which hurts your back and get fat, conservation ...I wanted to jump up and run where my eyes look. And here is such an attractive offer!

"You will work and rest on the Black Sea, employment is official, you do not need to pay anything for our services, we reimburse travel expenses" - this is how recruiters described the situation to me. The salary is not very high, from 275 to 500 euros per month, but provided that accommodation and meals at the expense of the employer, in general, is normal.

For a week I suffered and was tormented by doubts, because the money is really small, but I decided to go, and since the morning of June 9 I was stomping at the Odessa railway station, waiting for other members of the group who want to "get rich" in Bulgaria. By 11.00 we were followed by a slightly broken minibus, we were told how to behave at the border and how many packs of cigarettes can be transported to the EU (only 3, and one pack must be open), and we left. We met each other on the way.

Quite different people, from different worlds… Someone wanted to earn money to continue their studies, someone - daughters for a wedding, someone escaped from a personal tragedy, someone wanted to get out of the comfort zone…

But the road did not lead to sadness, so everyone was in high spirits. The driver, a Bulgarian named Plamen, as it turned out, also liked good jokes, and therefore made "sanitary stops" only near the worst toilets in Ukraine, Moldova and Romania. As darkness fell, he began to fall asleep behind the wheel, so we had to slow him down, entertain him with conversations and sing loud songs. By three o'clock in the morning, we safely pressed to the desired point on the map, we were met and settled in hotels at work.

And we were brought to Sunny Beach, or Slinchev-Bryag , the most popular Black Sea resort. Very interesting place!

If you are a partygoer and love noisy parties, then you are here!

Discos, restaurants, casinos, tattoo parlors, sex shops, strip clubs, karaoke - the number of such establishments per 100 square meters here is simply outrageous. Entertainment for all tastes, most establishments are free, and some discos serve free cocktails to ladies. At the discos here - attention, girls! ! ! ! ! - A LOT OF MEN! Not like in Zaporozhye, the grandmother's sad movement. Just a bunch of men! All colors and nationalities, young and not very, but the choice is very large, and they are active! They dance, have fun, and if you smile at them, they immediately start courting you. And pour, and whirl, etc. The continuation of the night with a gentleman in the hotel - it's just your choice. If you say no, no one will persecute.

Fights and disassembly are not welcome here, the night is full of police and gendarmes.

Tired of loud music - you can sit on deck chairs by the sea, with coffee or something stronger than, in general, everyone there is engaged. The only thing they do is run to the store for brandy and whiskey. Alconauts are scattered around hotels only in the morning, when cleaners go out to clean up the garbage that has accumulated in the evening and night. And srach on the streets in the morning is just incredible! Mountains of bottles, packages, cigarette butts, brochures, colorful balloons of amusement gas (a light drug, freely sold in the evenings on the streets), and a bunch of devils know what… But by eight in the morning everything is clean. You can go swimming if, of course, you are a tourist and you do not need to work in the morning.

"Work, work, work, and you will be with an ugly hump" (A. Block)

So that's about work. I worked as a maid (maid), 8 hours a day, salary - 300 euros per month.

The work is simple, but the physical activity was enormous: every day I had to push a "stick" (cart), loaded with heavy linen, 150 times a day to bend over, wash baths and toilets in 20 rooms, unfold and fold sofas, drag a bucket of water vacuum cleaner… It was very easy to catch a cold, because the heat in the corridors was unbearable, and guests in the rooms turned on the air conditioner at +16 degrees. And so you, all wet with sweat like a mouse, go into this room past the air conditioner, go to the balcony to shake the ashtray, which is hot in the sun so that it is impossible to touch it. Then you go to the stuffy toilet, again past the air conditioner… And so 20 times a day!

After cleaning, it was necessary to disassemble dirty linen, list, tie and load on the first floor of the castellan, and at the end of the working day to unlock huge garbage bags in the slop box.

There was a break for breakfast and lunch, you could sit in the staff room for 10 minutes, but ...The immortal phrase "the janitor was warm to the point of stench" for me in Bulgaria came true. Exercise and working conditions immediately affected my well-being - my legs ached unbearably in the morning, and my arms and elbows were covered with a red rash. "Allergy to detergents" - I was told at the pharmacy, because going to the doctor is an illicit luxury. Then there was inflammation of the muscles in the back (actually grew a hump), wet hoarse cough and the flow of allergic snot, so the drug had to spend a lot.

So what am I all about? After all, there were positive moments.

"Throw out the trash - and free", or "Janitor - a rich man"

But the maid service ended its work strictly on the 16th.

00, because all my wheels (Bulgarians and Turks) hurried to the bus to Burgas, home.

And I, taking off the hated janitor's clothes, went to the beach, to the pool (illegally entered someone else's hotel) or to a hotel for staff, to take a nap until dinner. You could still go shopping (shopping, by the way, in Bulgaria is great, better than in the resort towns of Turkey), look at the attractions, drink coffee in a cafe and more. Swimming in the sea relieved fatigue, and the sight of a crowd of cheerful, carefree people instantly filled with energy. Money almost always rang in my pocket - tips, ie tips, so I could easily afford a cocktail or a donut.

For 2 weeks of work, I fully reflected the cost of travel, and plus everything that remains in the room after the departure of tourists takes a maid, if it is not particularly valuable things (valuables are handed over at the reception and sent to forgetful tourists by mail).

In general, I lived quite well before the advance and the first salary, I even bought clothes.

It was not necessary to spend on detergents (not too cheap in Bulgaria): shampoos, shower gels, toothpaste, sunscreens - everything was tipped, and what was too much - I gave to my Ukrainian colleagues not to spend. In addition to shampoos, guests left in the rooms a bunch of other things: sweets, beer, milk, clothes, shoes, air mattresses, toys and even quite decent suitcases.

We were not hungry - fed three times a day, as agreed, lived in a pretty decent apartment. 3 more girls lived in the room with me. We all worked in different shifts, so we tried not to disturb each other to sleep. Chef Ilona was the first - at 4 or 6 am, at 8 am I ran to work, at 9 am my fighting friend Natasha was going, and waitress Vika went to the hotel at 12.00 or 16.00, depending on the schedule.

The chefs worked for 12 hours and almost without days off, in absolutely hellish conditions.

The kitchen was hot all the time, the floor was wet and sticky, because the sewer was often clogged and water from the drains rose to the ankle.

Chef Peter - a huge man, all in tattoos, was a trained psychopath. He shouted at everyone, slandered, could not explain anything, threw trays, soup ladles and food, drove to hysterics dishwashers. Every day the kitchen workers complained about his regular nonsense and nonsense, but where to go? Don't even stutter about dismissal - the staff of Bikoletta, the same sleek psychopath with badly pierced fillers, will popularly and contemptuously explain to you that you were paid a hefty commission and that you can fall on all four sides, but without money.

Personnel issues in our hotel in general were solved enchantingly - Bikoletta, along the way, was not friends with the head.

On August 1, at the height of the season, she fired two maids from my floor, retired aunts, for complaining about poor cleaning. And for those who stayed, Bikoletta said that by the end of the season, everyone will work seven days a week and will stay until 8 pm, if necessary.

The next day another maid demanded payment, and two days later our older Margo left us. And if before that each of us cleaned 13 rooms, once a week was a day off, and we generally coped with the work, then after this "genius" personnel trumpeting in the janitor's house began a real hellish hell. Each maid was told to pick up 25 rooms, and it was necessary to clearly meet the working hours.

I, of course, did not have time to finish work on time, I had to stay until 5 and 6 pm, and instead of two bags of glass I had 4 or 5. In the absence of the senior undressed picollo - receptionist.

While negotiating with each other, they ran into the rooms before the maids and stole our tips. And the maids themselves, working at speeds, did not try to bring special purity - once upon a time, and in general, hygiene - the enemy of the tourist. Of course, I tried to work well, but no one appreciated it. Tourists began to complain. "Greedy service, " they said. They demanded a vacuum cleaner, cleaning in the morning, because everyone shone at night, demanded to remove sand from the balconies and black hair in the toilet ...I did not have time to clean 25 rooms in 5 hours, well, no way. But the Bulgarian wheels "charged" the number in 7 minutes! Focus-try straight!

The curator calmed me down a bit, told me not to worry, and in general - Bicoletta is inflammatory, but not mean. However, on the day of my salary, I was told that I would be given the money only after talking to the director. And the rest of the workers paid everything.

Trying not to get nervous, I crawled home, meditated a little, asked the Higher Forces for protection and good luck, and fell asleep. I didn't even go to dinner.

In the morning there was a conversation with the director. I said I was trying, but the Bulgarian cleaning system "7 minutes" I can not do, I can not do such tricks. My salary was paid. And at lunch I learned the amazing news - a married couple, Lyosha and Marina, ran away at night. Marina worked as a night maid, and Lyosha as a handyman in the kitchen. At first, the couple quarreled with the authorities over the apartment - they were housed in the same room with two Bulgarian boys. Bulgarians smoked in the toilet, mischievously and sent vicious jokes to them.

Lyosha was afraid to leave his wife alone with them. Little men have in mind, really! He constantly demanded that Bicoletta be relocated, but she was not particularly responsive.

In general, having received a salary, the scandalous family rushed to Ukraine, leaving a note not to look for them, and the money for the 2 weeks worked, let the authorities put it in the right place.

Also reached its peak dishwashing conflict in the kitchen. Peter guessed or was frightened that the dishwashers sent him somewhere far away and did not go to work. Instead of dishwashers to the sink were the hotel manager and his beautiful wife with a supermanicure. I was frankly pleased with the situation, which I emphasized and stated. That's what you need, assholes! And a special respect to Marina and Lyosha, heroic people! The next day I was transferred to take the hall. And immediately everything was fine.

There was much less work, there was an opportunity to chat with colleagues, eat Natasha's denier at the snack bar and drink fantasies, and before lunch you could even sleep for half an hour in the janitor's office, sophie and I got a fan.

Colleagues-Bulgarians treated me well, mentally, the staff, though squinting, but no longer bothered, so by the end of the term I arrived without excesses. Yes, I did, because it was really like a summer concentration camp. Work without rest. But there were also many positive moments.

I spent all summer at sea, swimming almost every day. And there were people. PEOPLE! Normal people, many people had some events! A stark contrast to the empty Zaporozhye, where the death of a blue macaque at the zoo was the most stunning event of the summer, apart from the accident and the construction of a shopping mall in Yalansky Park.

Truly a universal tragedy! We roared with the girls hysterically, especially over the photo of the portrait of the deceased on the background of candles and funeral candies.

I made new friends, one fighting friend Natasha is worth it!

Together we went to the beach, ate pizza, drank wine and "viper", shortened skirts and shorts, cut tight necks on T-shirts, went to St. Vlas to the church for holy water, when it became impossible, together we ran away from the annoying waters. , pre-riding for free on their chaises

And "the most beautiful man in Bulgaria that every fly on the Sunny Beach knows about" - Tsvetan! He is a very nice person and a real friend, he worked at the reception, helped us in difficult situations with actions and advice, and generally supported us morally. We went to the beach and the water park together (50% discount, his efforts), joked about dinner, and I taught him bad Russian words.

He then spoke loudly at the reception: How well I shit today! ».

We all lost weight there! So, ladies, you want to lose weight - do not ask anyone how. Just go for a season to work in Bulgaria, and you will be happy and slim figure. Well, in appearance minus at least 10 years.

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