Wonderful vacation!

Written: 24 june 2019
Travel time: 16 — 20 june 2019
Who does the author recommend the hotel to?: For a relaxing holiday; For business travel; For families with children; For recreation with friends, for young people
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Great hotel and wonderful holiday! I agree with the previous review of Elena (Toloshnaya) and will not repeat what is written below. However, a beach towel is issued on a card and you return it in exchange for a card. Loss of the card - 15 leva. The hotel, although without luxury, but the good and well-coordinated work of all the staff is not something you often meet, for which Laguna Park is a big plus.
The food, as others have said, is excellent! Everything is delicious, I will separately note the appetizing presentation: the chefs cook for the guests of the hotel in full view, this is a kind of small show. During the four nights that we spent at the hotel, in addition to everything delicious, there were mussels, octopuses, squids, sushi (Asian evening), avocado salad, salmon steaks and very tasty cheeses (and dor blue incl. ) . No words, great level, just great! Ice cream has already been written, what is delicious? ))) Very! Species 5-6.
And a great water park. Granddaughter is 7 years old, she swam everywhere, in all pools, except for the Octopus for the smallest. Those below 1.30 cm are not allowed on adult slides without an escort. So we went down the slides together, it was very good.

We were placed in block B on the 6th floor overlooking the water park, of course we also really liked it, because our goal was not to relax in silence: we lived in the silence of St. Vlas before the Laguna Park, and that was enough for us. The soundproofing in the room is not bad and the curtains are thick, the daytime sleep was strong and calm, the water park is noisy and cool, an hour of the sea in the morning, the food is simply magical, and what else does a first grader need to have a good rest at the sea?
The hotel is perfect for a non-quiet family vacation : ) Well, lovers of a relaxing holiday appreciated it, judging by the reviews below.
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