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Every year, when you come to the north coast, you have to notice changes, and not for the better. New hotels and houses are being built and built: the fifth, sixth lines, there is no place - they are building on the slopes of the mountains, cutting down green areas, erecting a tasteless building of 12 floors. . . The population of all this falls out onto the beach in the morning. . .

The infrastructure of the beach is poor. 90% of the coastline is occupied by sun loungers and umbrellas, the use of which costs a lot of money. This is where the convenience ends. In some places there are changing rooms, there are practically no toilets (if you remember about the "lines" and realize that people with families, small children do not come for an hour, it becomes very unpleasant), showers, taps to wash off the sand - only on the beaches of the best hotels. Cleaning the beach in the Bulgarian version is picking up algae with a rake along with small debris and transporting it to the sea. Swim, dear tourists! Moreover, this is carried out at 8-9 in the morning, shamelessly in front of those same tourists.

Prices are growing from year to year, despite the fact that the exchange rate of the lev does not change, and they are very different in Burgas and on the north coast. Only in Bulgaria I had to face the fact that I, as a non-resident, cannot buy a ticket, that non-Bulgarian children are required to pay, regardless of age - babies in their parents' arms are also required, and rudely, scandalously. Taxi in Burgas costs from 70 st. per km, on the shore - from 3-3.5 leva.

They cheat, cheat all the time. In past years, in the canteens of the city, proudly called "restaurants", one had to deal with soups from concentrates, snacks from cans. Now I won’t lie - I don’t know, because I don’t go.

Hotels are very expensive, especially on the first line. I don’t know how it is in others, but in ours I observe that the maids do not even consider it necessary to vacuum the room when changing clients.

Well, you get the idea. . .

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