Moravian necklace. Sternberg. Czechs under Kosir

16 July 2020 Travel time: with 14 July 2019 on 14 July 2019
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July 14 is the day of the capture of the Bastille, and we have a plan of Sternberg and Č echy pod Kosí rem.

Last year was a week. We are not looking for easy ways, so there are two places in the plan. We start the morning from Sternberg, a small town near Olomouc. We go by train, go to the right station, which could not help but rejoice. At the bus stop just the two of us, a bus pulled up and drove just through the whole sleeping city. At 8.30 we are already in the square near the castle. The city is completely empty, there are almost no people. We went up to the castle. He is small and not as beautiful in appearance as Bowzov, but so real and authentic. Nobody is in the castle yard, the feeling that now the owners are coming out of the gate and asking, why are you hanging out here? At about 9.00 the workers showed up, and besides us there were two others who wanted to see the castle. Chamber tour for 4 people. I already wrote that the fortress is not really mine, but I also liked the second fortress in two days.

Empty streets go on.

Next, according to the plan, the Exposition of Time is a modern museum in which the exhibits are united by the theme of "time". The exposition includes many interactive objects, 3D models of planets. I was interested in a collection of rare watches and globes. Without Czech it is quite difficult. But in general it is interesting. My profile photo is from one of the photo zones of this museum.

The last point in Sternberg is the monastery. You can visit the monastery only with a tour, its duration is 1.5 hours. We would not have time for the bus, so the monastery was left without us. And 1.5 hours, in my opinion, is too long.

We have an hour to walk around the city and come to the stop in time. And the rain begins, which haunts us all the way to Olomouc and already there turns into a downpour.

Č echy pod Kosí r em castle. To continue the journey we returned to Olomouc, and there is just a tropical downpour. Quickly reached the bus station, the rain does not subside. We found the right platform, and here I offered, or maybe well, one lock more, one less, back to the hotel. But a bus pulled up and they decided to go anyway. The reward was good weather and new experiences.

Č echy pod Kosí r em the case when not only I do not know how to adequately translate it. A small village in which the castle is located, rather a beautiful estate.

This castle had a boarding school in Soviet times, so much of the authentic property was lost, and its restoration began relatively recently. Nothing supernatural to expect, but I was impressed by the attitude of workers to the restoration of the castle, its history.

Hour of Czech Republic under Kosí rem - park.

Crimea is the main exposition, there is also an exhibition of old bicycles (it was closed), an exhibition of films shot in the castle. There is a carriage museum in the village.

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Монастир, в який ми так і не попали
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