Moravian necklace. Pernstein

29 July 2020 Travel time: with 18 July 2019 on 18 July 2019
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As I did not want to go to Pernstein… This is a landmark of this region, but a fortress, and so brutal, no park or flowers. But when the Fox appeared, the choice fell on Pernstein.

Pernstein is located in a picturesque corner, just in a dense forest. Stop in front of the path, near which there is a sign to the castle.

The first thing I realized was that we had to return on time, we were counting on the last bus.

Comfortable shoes with thick soles are desirable for walking to Pernstein.

Entrance to the castle is paid.

The tour of the castle was not planned because it was not taken. But it was great to walk around the yard and walk through the woods. In contrast to Fox, I even liked it.

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