Moravian necklace. Brno

27 July 2020 Travel time: with 17 July 2019 on 17 July 2019
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Farewell to Olomouc in the morning, transfer to Brno. This city, on the one hand, was supposed to be a point for radial departures, on the other - I did not know what to do there for five days and need to spend an hour in Brno. But the hotel is booked. I was only interested in Lednice-Valtice, so I looked at the house nearby, where the prices for what I lost were completely inhumane.

We were "lucky" that last summer in Brno the central station was under repair, so we studied Brno very well, traveled to different locations. For me, this city is somewhat reminiscent of my native Dnieper - large, near the well-groomed area can expect a dilapidated house or something like that. I was impressed by the public transport system in Brno, I have never seen so many buses, trams and trolleybuses in any of the cities. From anywhere in the city you can quickly and comfortably get anywhere with convenient connections. Bought a ticket for 5 days in 2 zones, very convenient.

I had a dilemma that day - Brno or bring things to the hotel and immediately to Mikulov - walks in the hills with vineyards and wine tasting. But they decided to stay in Brno. And for good reason.

From the beginning we went to the fortress Spielberg.

Then went down to the center.

Freedom Square:

Old Town Hall:

Vegetable Market Area:

We reached the Peter and Paul Cathedral, got on the tram - and to the hotel.

I didn't expect anything from Brno, as a result I had a wonderful walk around the city and the feeling that a lot had passed. Retribution for a prevented relationship. In Brno you can find something to do for one day for sure.

And tomorrow is a wonderful day, for which the plan of the second part of the trip was completely changed one day before departure.

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