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Written: 5 july 2024
Travel time: 24 june — 2 july 2024
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I came for a few days, so I really couldn't do everything. But the hotel still charmed me. I visit Jazz hotels, so I know about the quality of the services provided. I also visited the Iberotel Costa Mares, which is close to this hotel, several times. But I liked this hotel for its impeccable service and interesting architecture. Upon arrival, immediately receive hibiscus and a chilled towel. After completing the documents, bracelets and room key. Just a small thing...documents on leather boards. And you have a QR code on your key fob. Once loaded, you read the menu and can order from one of two ala carte restaurants. There are so many types of food in the cafeteria that you don't know what to choose first. I was interested in the egg special. The menu is in the photos. Bastirma, similar to our smoked meat, wrapped in something spicy. Also some homemade cheese. Freshly squeezed juices are a given.
The restaurant also has a children's section. This way they can see everything and take the food themselves. When I got to the room I was greeted with a little surprise on the bed, photo attached, and a huge double bed, as well as two sinks in the bathroom with tons of storage...which us ladies will appreciate. Very. I took a few steps into the garden and immediately came across a pool with bubble jets. After the overnight flight I was completely exhausted, so I immediately took advantage of this. After exploring the surrounding area, I found a clinic, about 4 shops, a children's club with a Czech animator, a diving center on the beach and most importantly a pool bar with seating, a pool restaurant where, in addition to the food on the menu, you can also eat fruit or something sweet with coffee. Another restaurant is located on the beach. And this is also served on the menu in the evening. If you wish, drinks will be delivered to your terrace.
The beach itself with sun loungers seems a little smaller to me, but since there are many pools, the guests were so dispersed that it seemed to me that there was no one there. The pools are not very deep, so they will have a good temperature in winter. But what I liked most was that each pool had a relaxation area with a water level of about 15 cm. So ladies can relax, relax, look after the children and sunbathe at the same time. I remember that you can choose rooms with shared pool. The greenery in front of them is not yet ripe, so the view will also be beautiful. If you prefer quieter rooms, ask reception for a pool view room closer to the sea. Or about rooms that are not oriented towards the main part. In the first blocks near the main building and the pool with fountains, there is animation, and some may find this annoying.

Among the exceptional hotel services I can mention, for example, cleaning sunglasses, distributing popsicles on the beach, chilled towels, small Egyptian desserts or perhaps cucumbers to moisturize the skin. And time flies so quickly here. Especially when the animators offer classical classes, yoga, belly dancing, aqua aerobics, petanque, basic Arabic and much more. Or you can use the gym, which has a separate mat area. But for me it was two events. I love fruit parties. Everyone smiles while taking photos. The animators are dancing. Anyone can join. Fruits and drinks are beautifully presented. Just a sight for sore eyes??? ? . I also liked when the bartender taught us how to make our favorite cocktails. I laughed a lot when a little girl about 10 years old asked, “Mom, what do you really want to do?
“Thank you very much to the management for such diversity. Since I go to Egypt every holiday, there is always something different that excites me and I love being a part of it. If you are interested in scuba diving, it is good in front of the hotels under construction at shallow depths, as well as behind Iberotel. You can get to the sea from the beach, the nearest one is on the left near the pier or directly from the pier. If you want to take advantage of the waves, run along the beach towards the hotels under construction and then the waves will carry you back. There is grass growing at the Iberotel and you can find dugongs and turtles there. See where a group of snorkelers will be. The dress code for the dinner is long trousers for men. And no flip-flops! This is necessary all the time, so be prepared for it. Women are allowed everything except a swimsuit. The dinner is famous. Every night something special happens. There is a barbecue outside and you can buy ice cream next door.
There is fish every day. If you like to try local cuisine, stop by the left corner of the restaurant every evening. I also can’t help but mention the second ala carte restaurant, Tao Tao, which is located on the floor, which offers a wonderful view of the entire hotel. Every evening there was an evening program for children and adults. The lobby has two huge terraces next to the main building and two more next to the small stage. There really is a lot of space. Bring along a few flashcards or games that you enjoy. Overall I would say the hotel is quiet and will initially be favored by an adult clientele who will be looked after by the staff. Yes, the staff here is very attentive. Everyone is always smiling. They helped me choose food and drinks. So, several days flew by very quickly. I want to thank are a great team under great leadership??? ? But I have to name a few nice people.
Super guest...I'm coming for 20 clothes hangers.??? ? Mr. Mohamed Khaled, Mr. Hossam, and EAM Mr. Aim
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