Nice hotel, bad food

Written: 28 february 2024
Travel time: 21 february — 3 march 2024
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We moved in on February 21, we have 2 rooms (4 of us: me, my husband, my 8.5-year-old son and my mother). We were given one room first, because the second one was not ready yet. We came to celebrate my birthday, which is on February 26. When we were given the second number, it turned out that there was a cake with the inscription Happy birthday waiting for us in it. I went to the reception, showed my passport and said, thank you, but my birthday is in 5 days, take the cake, put it in the refrigerator) Today is the 28th, the cake is still standing. Should I say that there was no cake on the 26th? It seems like a trifle, but it's unpleasant.
The location of the hotel is excellent! All rooms have an ocean view. The rooms themselves are also good, big, beautiful.
Now about the unpleasant.
1) City beach for surfers. A lot of people on the boards, there is no chance to just swim, when you emerge from under the wave, you get someone's board in the head.

The little one tried to surf, he liked it. My husband went swimming once and categorically refused to go into the ocean again, and so did my mother.
We went to the Secret beach - there are also waves that throw stones under the water, the little one injured his leg.
2) Food. With that, the situation is even worse than with the ocean. ALL food is spicy! Even vegetable salads! What is not sprinkled with red and black pepper is filled with curry. On the second day, I found the chef and asked him: where is normal, not spicy food? ! I have a child on empty pasta! Then they fried a few wings for the little one without anything.
Conclusion: the worst vacation in the last 10 years! And we traveled halfway around the world, even dirty Kenya was better!
I do not recommend this hotel for family vacations. We are counting the days until we go home.
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