Braika Bay

We fell in love, so we came back a year later)
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11 april 2018Travel time: 25 march 2018
Nothing has changed. All the same beach, soft sand, gentle sea. Dreaming about the Red Sea at home, I bought a TRIBORD EASYBREATH mask (not an advertisement, but I highly recommend it) the ease of use and the review are excellent. On the left, the reef is beautiful, not even deep at all, and there are a lot of multi-colored fish. Lionfish saw a reddish color, before that only gray-brown. How beautiful is the deep sea along the shore! ) Corals of different colors with their inhabitants - fascinate) It's a pity there is no equipment for underwater photos.
Rays buried in the sand in shallow water are fewer this year. I did not meet a flock of fish, but the huge big-headed ones circled lonely back and forth.
And the fry basked in a fat flock near the shore, to the delight of the seagulls.
I dived into their joint and felt myself in a barrel with sprat))), they are not afraid at all, they swim near the mask at all.
It's a pity the reef on the right is almost dead (
for snorkelers, a pontoon bridge is being built, on the right, on the beach of the Royal Brayka Beach hotel, there is a reef, outside the bay, I have not yet experienced. I really want to return.
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