Mount Sinai

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5 november 2015Travel time: 7 october 2015
I want to say right away that this trip can hardly be called an excursion, rather a pilgrimage. Buying this "excursion" from the anex tour, we were promised an extreme climb up the mountain and a beautiful sunrise. But people don't come here for that.
the bus picks up late in the evening, carries about 150 km. from Sharm El Sheikh and there your journey begins. After visiting the gallery where you can buy icons, the guide will transfer you to the local Bedouin, who will climb up the mountain with the group. The ascent takes 3-4 hours, the climb is not easy even for me (a 23-year-old girl in excellent physical shape). Be sure to bring comfortable shoes and warm clothes. When the ascent began, I could not believe that I would change shorts and a T-shirt for a warm Moscow jacket, jeans and a down scarf. Climbing is safe, go at your own pace, despite the night it is impossible to get lost, as there are a lot of people along the entire trail.
Now my impression.
It's a place with incredible energy, I've never seen anything like it before. For the sake of this, it is worth overcoming all the difficulties of lifting. Fantastic sunrise and incredible surge of energy after that. If possible, everyone should go there at least once in a lifetime. Stars, sun, mountains...Their beauty and majesty will remain in my memory for a long time.
After descending from the mountain, I advise you to visit the monastery of St. Catherine. it is very small, but the ancient icons and the burning bush will be of interest to pilgrims.
Have a good trip. If in doubt whether to visit this place or not, my unequivocal advice is yes.
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