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21 february 2022Travel time: 1 december 2021
Soho Square (Soho Square). This is a large alley, which is the territory of the Savoy Hotel. So for the residents of the Savoy and Sierra 5 * hotel, Soho has a lot of bonuses and discounts, and some for free. Nearby there are other hotels such as: Hilton, Island view resort, Concord, Siva sharm, and a little further, but also within walking distance, Four Seasons Resort.

Everything is there, restaurants and cafes, shops with fruits, souvenirs, perfumes and clothes, jewelry and bags, there is duty free (if you have a ticket left, you have 48 hours to buy something in a dutik), a shop where you can buy speakers and a power bank, a large stage where concerts take place, an ice rink, a free toilet, pharmacies, mini-markets and much more. There are especially beautiful singing fountains, a lot of figurines where you can take a photo, mini-attractions for children (they are on the one hand, at the exit, how to go towards Sireera, turning to the right from Savoy, and on the other hand, how to go to Island View, at both ends of the alley). You can buy ice cream and cotton candy.
Sometimes there are artists who can paint your portrait. If there are not many people, you can catch Wi-Fi. This is one of the most beautiful and interesting places in Egypt. And the movement there begins at sunset.

For those who live nearby, just come early, as soon as the sun starts to set, there are no people at all, and you can take a lot of photos with the figures while there is nobody. And here everything is according to European standards, if I may say so, at least they don’t stick here like in the old city (Old Market), they don’t grab hands, like in Naama Bay, and there are hotels nearby. Where do people go for walks in the evenings? You can get here by taxi and minibus from anywhere in Sharm El Sheikh. Everything is cultural here and there is security, but of course you understand the prices yourself, bargain, fixed prices do not go to Soho. If you go beyond the territory of Soho, and go towards the Hilton and Concord hotels, there are also shops (the prices are cheaper, and you need to bargain), there are pharmacies and a mini market.
There is an ATM in Soho Territory. There is a restaurant where you can eat seafood, but the prices are not cheap (in the old city, in the same fares or mahoni it will be cheaper), but the price does not stop the petitioners, and there are always people there. You just need to walk around and see what is where and how. From some hotels there used to be a free shuttle, check with the hotel. If you are far away, it may not be so expensive from the hotel, they had agreements before, and red buses with the name Soho brought people. I recommend it to everyone, couples, families and children. You need to come to Soho at least once and look at the beauty.
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