Church of Saint Joan of Arc

Very unusual building
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26 august 2023Travel time: 10 august 2023
To say that this building is unusual is to say almost nothing. This church was built in 1979, quite recently by historical standards, on the square where in 1431. burnt Joan of Arc. Near the church there is a huge cross on the very spot where the pyre for the execution was set. The building itself has the form of "it is not clear what", who sees a Viking ship in it, who sees the hood that covered his head during the execution, and who sees the shape of the fire itself. In general, who has enough imagination. Externally, covered with black tiles, the building looks gloomy. But inside it is much nicer, you can admire the beautiful stained-glass windows of the Renaissance from the ruined church of St. Vincent. This church is not exactly a church as we understand it. Rather, I would say that it has a dual purpose: it is an institution for the veneration of St. Joan and a secular monument to the famous heroine.
Despite such ambiguity of this building, it is definitely worth a visit if you happen to be in Rouen.
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