Mezhrechensky Regional Landscape Park

The most soulful place
Rating 10110

26 september 2019Travel time: 30 march 2019
I have been here 4 times at different times of the year, even on December 31)))

Every season there are excursions to different ecotopes. Most of all I remember the walk through the swamps of Lake Svyatogo in special shoe covers. It's hard to imagine, but we were riding like waves on the overgrown surface of the swamp, and meters of water below us.

The park has a museum of forest crafts, where you can touch or try on all the exhibits, arrange a funny photo session, and also taste Polissya tinctures. But the main attraction of the park is the director Andrei Sagaydak, his excursions are not boring, simple, exciting, funny.

I think that Mezhrechensky Park is currently the best option for a day trip from Kyiv.
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