Good hotel, but there are some disadvantages

Written: 9 september 2023
Travel time: 26 august — 9 september 2023
Who does the author recommend the hotel to?: For families with children
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Rooms: 6.0
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Amenities: 8.0
Good aparthotel, but there are some disadvantages
On the plus side: good, helpful staff, the main hostess speaks Russian, and is available by phone, one might say, around the clock. There is parking, the sea is clean, the state beach is right across the road, a very clean swimming pool with sun loungers and umbrellas, almost always empty, the room has dishes (no teapot), cooking utensils, washer, dryer, bathroom accessories, slippers, bathrobes, sea ​ ​ towels. The air conditioners work great, the stove runs on a gas cylinder, nice design.
Of the minuses: there is no reception, poor cleaning (it says every 3 days), in fact they won’t come in to clean until you ask, and even then there is no cleaning at all. During the 2 weeks of stay, linen was changed once, cleaning was done twice, although towels, toilet paper and toiletries can be provided upon request.
The big disadvantage is the hot water, it is very difficult to swim, the water slowly heats up to boiling water and suddenly becomes cold, the average temperature is 15 seconds. Very weak internet, interrupted constantly. Breakfast is not provided. There is a restaurant under the hotel, delicious but very expensive.
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  • Good hotel, but there are some disadvantages