Bad experience flying with TUI to Turkey

14 October 2021 Travel time: with 05 September 2021 on 13 September 2021
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Try to communicate less with TUI

1. You will be met by a guide and taken to another hotel in our case, they were taken to the Fun and Sun Hane Sun hotel, supposedly 5 stars, although it’s far from 4, we were simply put before the fact already in the transfer from the airport.

2. If you don’t like the hotel (which was in our case), they will stupidly freeze you for half a day until you are exhausted and agree to this hotel without strength, but of course they also offer you other hotels in this hotel chain, but you you will have to pay extra for the hotel itself where you can go + transfer at your own expense, fun.

3. You yourself will have to be on the alert for what time and when you are flying.

Because we changed the departure time. And at the information desk they hung out the old time for us. We just stupidly sensed that something was wrong and raised the representatives of the thuja to our ears. And yes, the hour of taking everyone’s brains out, it turned out that our departure time was completely different) that is, we could not find out the information, trust the hotel, and stupidly flew into the money. Because already knowing the representatives of the thuja, we would have to pay for the transfer to the airport + plane tickets. And yes, at the airport we met many people who were going 10 minutes in advance to catch the bus, as they were also notified of a different departure time from the hotel.

4. When we went down to the reception at the appointed time... Of course, the transfer did not arrive. There was one incompetent person at the reception who did not understand anything in Russian and hardly in English. Again, we are picking up all the representatives of the thuja where the bus is located so that they will pick us up. In general, we don’t know if this was a case that happens very rarely, but nevertheless, we described this situation step by step.

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