We recommend this hotel for a relaxing holiday

Written: 12 june 2021
Travel time: 5 — 12 june 2021
Who does the author recommend the hotel to?: For families with children
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Hotel ratings by criteria:
Rooms: 9.0
Service: 10.0
Cleanliness: 10.0
Food: 10.0
Amenities: 10.0
The area is green and constantly maintained in good condition. At the same time, employees are as polite as possible.
Sandy beach in 10 rows of sunbeds with umbrellas. The distance between rows and umbrellas in rows is maintained at least 2 meters.
Sunset - sand, but at a distance of ten meters possible stones. However, they are clearly visible and they do not live. There is a pier for those who wish. The water is clear, I did not see garbage on the beach and in the water. Beach cleaning every night.
The quality of food and its quantity is at a high level. And the queue never opened! There are always vacancies. The waiters clearly serve their customers.
He drank little alcohol, but Chivas resembled Chivas, and Red Label resembled Red Label. )))
Rooms are cleaned and towels are changed daily at your request.
The staff is friendly and unobtrusive.
Live music (saxophone) and singing of artists in the evening.
Photographer Yavuz is a master of his craft and has found the right angles for great photos.
Many thanks to the hotel management and staff for a wonderful holiday.
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