Good hotel, I recommend it.

Written: 21 january 2024
Travel time: 15 — 22 october 2023
Who does the author recommend the hotel to?: For families with children; For recreation with friends, for young people
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Rooms: 10.0
Service: 10.0
Cleanliness: 10.0
Food: 10.0
Amenities: 9.0
We stayed in this hotel at the end of October, the hotel was good, we liked it. I would gladly come back here again.
First coastline, own beach;
Food - there is always something to eat, fish, meat, vegetables, burgers, french fries, etc. , all day long there is somewhere you can snack and in sufficient quantities;
The territory is quite large and beautiful for a budget hotel.
A luxurious water park for children and adults.
Animation - every evening there is some kind of show.

Alcohol - here I will write a detailed answer for those who like to drink))) what surprised me was the large size of the glasses, beer is poured into glasses of about 400 ml, the first time I saw this, basically everywhere in the hotels where we used to be they poured it into minzurkas and one the can was poured into at least 4 glasses, another plus for beer lovers is that they were never denied the number of glasses, if you need 4 - take 4, if you need 6, take 6. Of the strong drinks, whiskey, gin, sambuca, tequila, vodka, etc. .
, well, it’s clear here, everything is the same as everywhere else. From liqueurs, Martini (white and rose), Malibu, Baileys, maybe something else, but this is from what I remember.
The room, well, this is a matter of luck, we were very lucky, they gave us a room with a gorgeous view, but I saw that there were also rooms with a view of another room, it’s all about the architecture of the hotel, it’s made like a snail. The room has a safe (free), clothes dryer, refrigerator (refilled every day, 3 juices, 3 bottles of still water and 3 sodas, there were 3 of us. ) For my birthday, they brought a bottle of wine and a plate of fruit to the room. There are also slippers, shampoos, conditioners, and soaps. Cleaning every day.

There are not many disadvantages, but they are still there: a mountain river flows near the hotel, which flows into the sea, during a storm you don’t feel it, but when the sea is calm it becomes fresh, you can stand in the warm sea, and then “once” you go cold streak, as I understand it, it also depends on the current.
The beach is pebble, I liked it, but it’s a bit painful to get in and out of the sea, it’s better to take corrals.
There seems to be Internet, but it doesn’t work everywhere, so to call home, we came to the lobby bar and there we could only have a normal conversation.
In the evening, when the grill started working, some incredible stench arose, or they had some kind of stinking coals or a fire, in short, we still didn’t understand, but it smelled good.
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