Extreme weekend in Vorokhta

02 July 2021 Travel time: with 25 June 2021 on 28 June 2021
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I took the tour "3D-extreme", a settlement in Skit (Vorohta). I was met at the station, settled, fed. My vacation was written down to the minute. Administrators recruited me and informed me about the time of departure for the next adventure, reminded me what to take with me. I was taken directly from the cottage and returned to the same place. Service is top notch! This is the case when you get even more than promised. I had a velobike tour of mountain ranges and aqueduct bridges; descent of 700 meters along the Zip-line; rafting on the Black Cheremosh; 2 hours of brewing in a vat with contrast rinsing in a cold font; hour relaxing massage. I don’t even remember how I got into the room (an overabundance of emotions). Next was a trip with an instructor on a quad bike; fishing with further cooking of caught trout on the grill; a two-hour sleep in a house under the buzzing of bees. I was very pleased with the instant reaction to difficult weather conditions - some adventures had to be postponed, and something replaced. I was constantly on excursions, I only slept in the room. Gannusia, thank you for the well-planned my vacation and a lot of vivid impressions. It's a complete reboot!

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Мост- виадук в Ворохте
Садиба Скита
Квадроцикл Скита
Внутренний двор Скита
Релакс в домике над пчелиными ульями
Ставок для рыболовли, Ворохта
Пойманная форель (945 гр)
Рафтинг Скита по Черному Черемошу
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