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Written: 8 september 2016
Travel time: 1 — 7 september 2016
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This is the first time I've seen such a hotel! I came with my mother and one year old child. Nothing for kids! The road is in ruins, even a stroller can hardly pass. Upon arrival, they tried to put us in a one-room suite, instead of an improved two-room suite. The furniture is rotten, old, 80s, the staff is rotten! Rudeness, rudeness in response to elementary requests! The room had dirty bed linen, for comments, his employee began to get out of the balcony and lay it back! The next day I tried to ask for a vacuum cleaner so that I could clean the rug in the room and the path where the child walks - there is not a single vacuum cleaner! Which means no cleaning at all! Nothing in the description is actually there! No playground, no gym, no sauna. The entire description of the hotel is a sham. The boarding house building is not terrible, it is emergency!! ! Too bad I can't post a photo here. The husband did not believe that the ruins are a boarding house for a family vacation! Completely dissatisfied, waste of money! The sea is excellent, the beach is not equipped.
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