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Baba Yaga behind enemy lines. Part 4
Start here >>> Despite the fact that the departure for the tour was at 7, we managed to have breakfast. We paid 200 rubles to the stall, the rest of the money was said to be given abroad.
 •  4 years ago
Vacation in Alakhadzy (Pitsunda)
My husband and I, analyzing the prices for holidays in Abkhazia, turned to a travel agency. A very kind manager girl picked up tours for us for the dates of interest from 11.
 •  6 years ago
To Sukhum mountain or Funicular 2017, the remains of the former luxury.
In past soviet times, Sukhum Mountain, which they called the Funicular, was a landmark, the road upstairs began at the bottom with a colonnade, then a platform with a fountain, stairs framed by flowering rhododendrons, with a cafe and a viewing platform at the top.
 •  6 years ago
Pitsunda 2017 or inhospitable Apsny.
The locals call their Abkhazia Apsny - the country of the soul. Over time, everything changes, and now things are lousy with their soul, it is rotten. Now, instead of hospitality, you will have to face the bright sides of their savage medieval mentality, and this is LAZINESS, LACK OF CULTURE and...
 •  6 years ago
Very nice, cheap and delicious!
Unexpectedly, it was a week of rest. The budget was limited. Therefore, it was decided to go to Abkhazia. We bought a weekly tour to the Laguna Hotel in Gudauta, or rather a hotel on the outskirts of the village of Bambora.
 •  7 years ago
Fun vacation in Abkhazia
The long-awaited vacation has finally arrived. Standing alone at 11:00 p. m. at McDonald's and waiting for the Rumb tour bus. He was a little late, but that didn't dampen my spirits, I was just a little cold.
 •  7 years ago
Wonderful holiday in Abkhazia.
Hello, I would like to leave a review about our wonderful vacation in Abkhazia! For a long time we thought about where to relax this summer, considered Turkey, Greece, etc.
 •  7 years ago
New Self Service Dining Cafe. If it weren't for the crazy girls, the servants.
New Canteen in Sukhum 2016 self-service cafe. Self-service cafe New Canteen in Sukhum near the Turbaza 2016 Everything is arranged in a civilized manner, the food is decent, there is free WI-FI, the prices are quite democratic, unlike *sat down - ate* in the center.
 •  7 years ago
Abkhazia is a dream country
I have been to Abkhazia twice. Very beautiful country. The nature is fabulous, the sea is clean, the mountain air. It's clean everywhere by the way. However, hotels clean up badly, again everywhere.
 •  7 years ago
Snowy Gagra is a disaster for residents
We went on New Year's holidays from Novorossiysk to a 3-day tour of Abkhazia from the travel agency Edem. Pros: - snow in Abkhazia in Gagra in such quantity - a rarity, palm trees, tangerines, persimmons in the snow - an unforgettable sight; - double-decker bus; - experienced drivers and acc...
 •  8 years ago
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