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Insolence and rudeness
Rested with family. To say that the hotel has deteriorated is an understatement! Judge for yourself: For 10 days no one changed the towel and bedding. Toilet paper needs to be bought, when we asked if the cleaners could bring it to us, they began to vying with each other shouting "You're lying!
 •  2 years ago
Vacation in Alakhadzy (Pitsunda)
My husband and I, analyzing the prices for holidays in Abkhazia, turned to a travel agency. A very kind manager girl picked up tours for us for the dates of interest from 11.
 •  4 years ago
Nature and Comfort
We decided to go on vacation with our family to Abkhazia, our friends recommended staying at the Kudry boarding house. Well, we listened to them, and as it turned out, we made the right decision.
 •  4 years ago
Pitsunda 2017 or inhospitable Apsny.
The locals call their Abkhazia Apsny - the country of the soul. Over time, everything changes, and now things are lousy with their soul, it is rotten. Now, instead of hospitality, you will have to face the bright sides of their savage medieval mentality, and this is LAZINESS, LACK OF CULTURE and...
 •  5 years ago
Gorgeous nature, clean sea, huge beach!!!
We went to Pitius for the second time. The first time was three years ago, so we chose this boarding house without hesitation. First of all, because of the good location right on the beach.
 •  5 years ago
Spoiled vacation
We have been to Abkhazia several times, and always the kindest memories remained from the rest. But the rest in 2017 in the Pitsunda defense complex forever discouraged the desire to return to Abkhazia.
 •  5 years ago
far from civilization
Hello dear vacationers who want to relax in the Mussera boarding house. I will tell you about my vacation in the Mussera boarding house in August 2017. Unfortunately we didn't have a good holiday.
 •  5 years ago
USSR (back to the past)
We rested in "Musser". From 08/01/17 to 08/08/17. Transfer 3200.00 rubles round trip for two. There, in Adler, there are NO signs, look for yourself who meets you. The car is not equipped to transport people to the border in Abkhazia.
 •  5 years ago
Beautiful place
Rest in Abkhazia with a child of 2 years. We followed in the footsteps of my mother to the Mussera boarding house, she rested there last year. Our composition: my mother, I am with a baby of 1.
 •  5 years ago
Normal budget stay for a family of 4.
Even in winter, choosing a summer vacation for frequently ill children, we decided to go to Abkhazia. Bought tickets. But, having read horror stories in the reviews, the desire gradually disappeared.
 •  5 years ago
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