wors hotel ever

Written: 12 july 2022
Travel time: 7 — 10 july 2022
Who does the author recommend the hotel to?: For families with children
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Rooms: 1.0
Service: 1.0
Cleanliness: 1.0
Food: 1.0
Amenities: 1.0
Every year my girlfriend and I come to Burgas for a vacation.
For the first and last time, we chose this hotel I really does not understand how it is called a hotel and not a hostel.
The elevator is not working on daily basis, if It works guests stock in it, and wait to Rescue
We Receive the room with stinky bedroom/toilet and faucet -as you can see in review pic.
The hotel host in 226 rooms, but have only one coffee machine/one cold drinks machine/one table of breakfast and evening table. So You need to wait 35 min every breakfast/dinner. To receive food or drink will take you more than hour in line!
The hotel install Cellular antenna, on the roof to receive more money, on the health of the "hotel" guests, As I said you Are not counted.
The Low level of service from the hotel start from hotel manager until Lobby Receptionists
, who does not try to find solutions to guests
problems, but act like pro to push guests into unclean / unmaintained rooms.

It was the worst hotel experience I ever had in burgas or entire word travel.
Do you a favor and don’t even think on this hotel, for your trip.
Pay few more euro and don’t enter to this hostel.