The hotel is old, on the plus side Wi-Fi works, check-in is fast. The sea is 5 minutes on foot, the beach is municipal.

Written: 21 august 2023
Travel time: 13 — 21 august 2023
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At first, we were accommodated in an apartment (family room), since there was no double room available. They said that the room would be ready at noon, the next day, of course, the suitcases and things cannot be disassembled completely, because it will be necessary to move. We went to the sea in the morning (5 minutes on foot, 2 sunbeds and an umbrella 30 leva), then at 11 o'clock they were already looking for us with a sign. We moved, of course no one apologized for the inconvenience (there is not even such a thing as a compliment from the hotel, etc. compared to the same Egypt). In general, the service of the hotel is not what it is by 4, by 3 it barely reaches. The room is double, everything is old, the shower is half closed by a glass wall, water spills over half of the bathroom. The room has 2 beds, 2 bedside tables, a table, a chair, a sofa, a small refrigerator, a TV with 6-8 channels, a balcony, a clothes dryer. Cleaning: it involves changing the towels that are thrown on the floor, putting a roll of toilet paper, taking out the trash - that's it! bedding was changed once a week.
When on the penultimate day they asked to clean the room normally, i. e. clean the floor from sand (we are at the sea, although you wash your feet from the beach, but you still enter from the street) at the reception, they said ok, they will hand it over to the cleaning lady, they asked which room. Upon arrival from the beach at 12 o'clock, the room was cleaned as it should be, and the cleaning was very different from the previous days, the main thing was a clean floor, although I had to wash the sink, wipe the table, the cabinets - that's not it.
But on the way to the room, the cleaner who was cleaning (as I understand it was her from the reception who conveyed our request to clean better) said something in an angry tone in Bulgarian, poking at the towels. We did not pay attention to it. The next day, when we leave, we are told at the reception that we have to pay a fine of 30 leva, because we wiped our feet with hand towels, and they are dirty. This despite the fact that the floor in the room was not washed for a week, and when it was already completely uncomfortable, they asked to clean it.

I immediately said that this was revenge on the cleaning lady, that she was pointed out her shortcomings, to which they replied that they were dirty towels before. I answer, why didn't they tell us anything earlier, we passed by the reception 5-7 times a day, to which they kept silent, and said that they didn't want to talk to me at all. It was such a "farewell" to the hotel guests, of course I didn't pay any "fictional" fine. Food is monotonous, local alcohol, fruits - apples, pears, watermelon, melon, peach, nectarine plum. Do I recommend this hotel, no, neither the service is normal, nor the attitude. Although maybe I was so lucky (((((. There is animation, it is quite primitive.
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