Written: 6 september 2022
Travel time: 23 august — 5 september 2022
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Rooms: 1.0
Service: 8.0
Cleanliness: 10.0
Food: 2.0
Amenities: 1.0
Very noisy from the street, impossible to sleep.
In the toilet, the neighbors flush the water very loudly from above.
Very poor noise isolation, neighbors can be heard talking and coughing, horror.
There is no partition or curtain in the shower room, water flows throughout the room, through the door, which has already bloomed.
Air conditioning and internet for a fee (even at the reception)
Stuck in the elevator, the door opens once in a while.
The hotel is terrible.
I wouldn't even go for free anymore. Not rest, but horror. I didn't know it could be like that.
This is all on the first day.
The shower (toilet) constantly stinks.
All the clothes stank of mold.
Wild guests of the hotel swam and screamed in the pool at night (did not let them sleep), no one made any remarks to them.
Hair dryer is paid.
The hotel's employees have been asked to do everything.
If you want to spoil your vacation, go there (((
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