Larnaca - very beautiful and authentic

11 May 2018 Travel time: with 23 April 2018 on 29 April 2018
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Larnaca is the city where you arrive. Not only tourists, but also locals live in this city. The airport is located here, which means that the transfer here is minimal in duration. The city is big. Within the city there is a salt lake, which dries up in summer. There is also a temple of St. Lazarus, which was built right above his tomb, the relics are stored in the temple. Also near the lake is a huge mosque where the aunt of the Prophet Muhammad is buried. There is a big port here. The city is very beautiful and authentic. We were in the old part of the city, very beautiful narrow streets. I really like such trips when everything around is real, and not built for tourists. This city is very convenient for business trips. Near the airport, to Protaras and Ayia Napa some 60 km, you can take an intercity bus for 4 euros.

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