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Summer in November
This is my 16th country and third holiday in 2021.10 days of European holidays in a good hotel, excellent service and incredibly bombed sea, cultural attractions, beautiful nature, delicious cuisine will benefit anyone.
 •  2 years ago
He went to Odessa, and went to Kherson
In fact, of course, neither Odessa nor Kherson. Everything is much tougher. I just decided to visit Northern Cyprus with my family, bought tickets to Larnaca, got a Bulgarian visa and flew to Croatia.
 •  3 years ago
No wonder they call her Anapa
The big village is my first impression of Ayia Napa. When you are met at the airport by a dilapidated Mercedes with shabby seats, and the duty free on arrival is three shelves of alcohol, a shelf of cigarettes and two refrigerators with soda, then you immediately start to tense up - where did you go?
 •  4 years ago
Great holiday in Cyprus
There are several reasons to visit Cyprus in autumn. Firstly, there is no sweltering heat (in summer we have enough heat of our own). Secondly, prices and the influx of tourists are smaller.
 •  4 years ago
A little story about a little vacation in a little country
We decided to choose our summer vacation according to the following criteria: 1. Not far to fly. 2. Nice beach and sea. 3. Seal rest. 4. Complete relaxation. On the world map, the eye fell on Cyprus.
 •  5 years ago
Cyprus, Great stay
For a long time I chose where to fly to relax this summer, the choice fell on Cyprus) since in early June there is not yet such a huge flow of tourists and the flight takes only 2 hours and 45 minutes from Kyiv.
 •  5 years ago
May holidays in Paphos
I want to describe the May holidays in Cyprus. Since there are few days in May, I would like something interesting, unusual and memorable, since I have already been to Cyprus, there were no problems with the excursion, there are also many unexplored places from Paphos.
 •  5 years ago
Return to Cyprus!
Return to Cyprus! Dasha and I have a rule - do not repeat trips to the same places. The only exceptions are Egypt and Turkey. But six years of patience… could not resist and took Georgia, then they took it again, but with Misha.
 •  5 years ago
Paphos - from the "must have" list!
It's about an hour drive from the airport. The beaches are sandy with a gentle approach, but all with dark volcanic sand. The region is very interesting for history buffs.
 •  6 years ago
Larnaca - very beautiful and authentic
Larnaca is the city where you arrive. Not only tourists, but also locals live in this city. The airport is located here, which means that the transfer here is minimal in duration.
 •  6 years ago
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