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Hamburg and surroundings
Photo from Bergedorf It was a very unusual journey. You can say the first of its kind. Although our travels continue to go on at full speed, but regular readers have already clearly noticed a large pause in the publication of stories.
 •  3 years ago
Hostel in German
Due to the situation in the world, we decided to stay in Germany, we were looking for a place to spend a vacation with children aged 6 and 12. And so our choice fell on Center Parcs - Bispinger Heide 4 *.
 •  3 years ago
North Venice. Second day.
Northern Venice. Second day. Day two. After waking up early, we had a quick breakfast and went for a walk around the city. Sunday morning greeted us with cloudy weather with a piercing north wind.
 •  7 years ago
Good budget hotel with great breakfast.
Good afternoon everyone. We got to this hotel by accident, as we were looking for a long time where to land after a 4-hour drive around the city in search of a hotel. Opposite is the Holiday Inn, but all the rooms were occupied there, as there was a football match in the city, so the choice was smal...
 •  7 years ago
North Venice.
Venice of the North Well, I got here to describe my walk on a cold autumn day through a beautiful city, the largest port in Germany, northern Venice, as I call it, HAMBURG.
 •  7 years ago
Why am I in Hamburg
To realize oneself free in Hamburg, even for one day, is an utter joy. You don't need it anywhere, you don't owe it to anyone. And the amount of 100 euros in your pocket for “living this day” seems very weighty.
 •  10 years ago
From where in Hamburg "City of warehouses"
speicherstadt When you once again find yourself in Hamburg and will be tormented by the thought of where it would not be bad to spend time on the subject of culture and mass enlightenment, then you should not creak your cranial joints for a long time, but boldly head for the brick buildings in the ...
 •  10 years ago
Not creepy Ohlsdorf cemetery
Hamburg's creative leaders cannot be blamed for the lack of parks in the city. City park, Planten und Blomen, parkland at the Alster lake, city park on Altona. But instead of all the listed parks, for some reason, I chose a cemetery as a green recreation area.
 •  10 years ago
Where to stay in Hamburg
My stop this time could be called short-term, but not spontaneous. Therefore, having a margin of time, I began looking for housing directly from the textbook. Couchsurfing website.
 •  10 years ago
Good hotel for the price (almost a hostel)
When we were in Hamburg, we stayed at the Zleep Hotel - 2 stars in everything, a clean, tidy hostel in fact. No frills, but you can live. We booked it together with tickets for a doubletrip (it's convenient that you immediately buy an air ticket and book a hotel room), we didn't expect anything supe...
 •  10 years ago
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