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Written: 13 january 2022
Travel time: 29 december 2021 — 8 january 2022
Who does the author recommend the hotel to?: For a relaxing holiday; For recreation with friends, for young people
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We went on New Year's Eve to celebrate the New Year under the sun and palm trees. We chose Arabia because this hotel has its own coral reef and good food reviews. In Egypt, we were 7 times in different hotels and I know about what food can be. Therefore, I rate the food in Arabia 5+. Really good, varied food, seafood almost every day. There were crabs several times (which was very surprising - I never met crabs on the buffet in Egypt). Meat: beef, chicken daily in different variations. Fish in batter, grilled, amazing rice in different versions, very tasty soups for lunch, vegetables, fruits, sweets are beyond praise. Alcohol is pretty decent. At lunch and dinner, a waiter comes up and asks what you would like to drink. You can order white/red wine, beer, juice, tea, coffee, water. other alcoholic cocktails can be taken at the pool bar - also quite decent. I liked the Ouzo anise vodka cocktail with tonic or sprite. There is free ice cream - very tasty.
I would also like to note the excellent service in Arabia. This is a big plus. The waiters are just youngsters: they immediately clean dirty tables, put clean appliances for new visitors, by the pool, in the lobby - the same! nimble, friendly and unobtrusive. Great fun animation in the hotel. The guys do not let you get bored, they are always positive, they entertain, dance, hold aqua aerobics, games, etc. The beach is large: sandy lagoon and coral. There are a lot of sunbeds, you can always find free ones. On the coral beach there is a restaurant "Marina", where you can also have lunch, so as not to return to the main restaurant. In Marina, mostly grilled food and fast food. It doesn't suit me personally, but some people like it.
The hotel is old, for some this is a minus, but for me it is a plus, because. developed infrastructure, green area. In new hotels, the territory is often still bald, the infrastructure is not so developed.

The hotel is 70-80% Germans! Accordingly, all staff speak German and English. You will hardly hear Russian speech. Of course, they know a couple of words in Russian, but if you need to solve some more complex issue, then difficulties may arise due to the language. There is a Russian-speaking woman at the reception, but I saw her only a couple of times, not every day. Of course, hotel guides from Russian operators speak Russian, but they are not in the hotel all day.
The number of rooms is good. Yes, the furniture is old, yes, the plumbing is also not new, but everything is in good order, everything works, if there are any shortcomings in the room - call the reception - they will quickly fix everything. The only downside to the room is that it's a bit dark. There is no overhead lighting, there are only two large floor lamps on the bedside tables and 1 floor lamp on the dressing table near the mirror. It was a bit inconvenient when we had to gather in the evening for dinner - there was not enough light. Beds with a good firm mattress, pillows and duvet are also good. The condo worked properly (we were heated by it in December-January). There is a kettle and cups with spoons. Tea, coffee, cream, sugar, water are replenished daily. Nice balcony with great views of the pool or lagoon. All balconies have clotheslines for drying clothes, which is very convenient. We took clothespins with us so that at night the wind would not blow swimsuits and skirts to the floor. The bathroom has liquid hand soap, shampoo, body lotion, hair dryer. Everything is replenished daily. Cleaning every day. If you want your towel to be replaced, you must throw it on the floor.
In general, the impressions about the hotel are positive! I speak German, so it was normal for me to communicate with both the staff and the Germans on vacation. There are few Russians, but they were. There is not much to do with children in this hotel. Choose other hotels with children.
Thank you Arabia, I'll be back!
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