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The hotel is terrible, just a shed. Outwardly yes everything is beautiful, but inside it's just terrible
We arrived very early, the check-in was big. The administrator at the reception refused to settle before 14:00 even for money. But at the same time he settled the peasant, that's a different story.
 •  4 days ago
Excellent hotel!!! We'll be back again!
Were in March 2023, with my family. They gave two rooms on the ground floor, as requested, because the children are small. The room was cleaned every day, just super. All very friendly people.
 •  1 week ago
The only good thing about the hotel is the sea, and there are no more pluses. Attitude towards visitors is very bad.
This hotel came for the third time. And only because for the money the sea is good here. There is a lagoon and the reef is not big and the entry is sandy. These are all pluses.
 •  1 week ago
we liked
were from February 28 to March 10. arrived at 10.40. settled at 12.00. this is standard for hotels. in order not to waste time, we immediately changed clothes and went to look at the territory where everything is located.
 •  1 week ago
The beginning of the story I would like to start more with a description of the process of choosing a resort than a hotel for relaxation. Do you love Egypt the way we love it?
 •  3 weeks ago
the worst holiday ever
Arriving at this hotel on March 7, a person at the reception asked us if we wanted to make our hotel room better? we agreed and he just went to look at the monitor screen and did nothing there.
 •  1 week ago
Didn't like
VERY DIFFERENT HOTEL!!! Rested in this hotel in 202.04. 02-12.02. We arrived at night, settled right away (well, we paid for the previous day), the location of the room was normal for February (3rd floor, room 1403), it was cold, so the balcony was always closed, and they cooked a grill right under...
 •  1 month ago
The views are beautiful, the location is good, everything else is a disaster
On a trip? we bought i? last? minutes? s pas? lym? , very super don't you expect? but you don't expect it to be so bad? yom Good things: 20-30 minutes from the airport. road I?
 •  2 months ago
Windy Hurghada in January.
Our criteria for a winter January holiday: a budget hotel, a warm pool, the sea within walking distance, a sandy entry into the sea, the availability of infrastructure near the hotel.
 •  2 months ago
My 1st non-alcoholic hotel (soft ol)
My 1st non-alcoholic hotel (soft ol). Good hotel for a budget traveller. The hotel is small, neat, the sea is across the road, 200 meters from the Sheraton. The food was good, always meat, chicken and fish, they give fruits, a little sweet.
 •  2 months ago
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