Good hotel with modest rooms unscrupulous reception managers

Written: 1 february 2024
Travel time: 23 — 30 january 2024
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In Hurghada for the first time, we went with my mother. I wanted to see other resorts in Egypt and have a relatively budget-friendly vacation. Hurghada itself is radically different from Sharm and already conveys the realities of non-tourist life.
The hotel has recently been renamed, so be careful when booking, because they did not immediately deliver to the address (this is a chain and the same owner has 3 hotels nearby, but of different categories).
Reception wants to be better. Because from the street he looks absolutely miserable. However, literally at its doorstep, when you enter the territory - a truly bright summer opens! It was because of this garden, colorful tables and chairs, palm trees and flowers on the background of the sea that I chose this hotel! Actually, very simple and very cute)

Check-in is worth mentioning separately, because at first, with a very sweet smile, we were told that check-in is from 12, but we will be checked in an hour earlier. Also that we have a standard room and if we want to change it, it is for $20. They led to the right wing opposite the kitchen.
Another hotel is behind, from the window there is a courtyard and a bit of the sea, but the room...Just a shed. Shabby, small, with low ceilings, with a tiny window, old furniture falling apart, a steep bathroom with only soap, a narrow closet without a safe. In a word, she was scared, nostalgic for the poor areas of Sri Lanka and ran to the reception to change this misunderstanding. But for money. And that was a mistake. Because the shrewd manager slipped a piece of paper requesting a supposedly free room change due to the lack of a safe or hot water. They took me to the left building, close to the sea, the second floor, the room is a little better, there is a safe, but it is not fastened. I had to ask him to fasten it, as well as add hangers to the cabinet and batteries to the TV remote control. However, we soon realized that this is not the biggest problem. There is no hot water. After a day and a half on the road and with the cold wind of Hurghada, we got sick and a cold shower was not an option.
I had to wait for a long time for the master, who twice tried to do something there, but it is not in his power - the water circulates first on the upper floors, then on the lower ones, and either it freezes or it does not heat up. I had to change the number again (you remember, the manager slyly prints a piece of paper again that I refused and everything seems to be fair, but I already paid the money). This time it's the third floor, a room with normal curtains, a little better renovation and a high ceiling. safe. I stopped moving, because it was already 11 at night, that is, 12 hours of changing and fixing numbers! ! This is too much. There was hot water when we checked in, but it was gone by the time we moved our things...
The following will be shorter and more positive, because we settled down and settled in) hot water was caught during the day and during dinner.

And although the kitchen was modest by the standards of Egyptian hotels, very conscientious, resourceful and friendly people brightened everything up here.
The food was really tasty: vegetables, rice, pasta, grill, meat, fish, falafel, soups and always fresh pastries. We went to meet them when they asked to feed us lunch earlier so that we would have time for the excursion. And after ordering a dry ration, only these should be done! Because it's just no good - two pieces of inedible sausage and cheese, a bun, olives, cucumber, tangerine and juice. And a bunch of plastic around it.
A la carte fish restaurant is paid.
Territory. It is beautiful, green, several pools, small water slides, but the water is cold, so we did not risk going in.
The sea is right there, the sunset is good, there is a descent from the pier and there you can see coral and fish! ) The sea is clean, even relatively warm, but the famous wind of I know what it is. It burns and blows with frost, when you come out wet, it is January, let me remind you.
However, the nearby hotel from this chain has a really hot pool with a great view of the sea, we went there, and their guests came to our beach to sunbathe, because we have longer sun.
The animation is cool, a great team, everyone is energetic, passionate, daily games, dances, entertainment during the day, and a show with dances in the evening.
Relatively nearby there is a local bazaar, a good currency exchange at Alexa in the "4 Seasons" hotel, cafes and Hurghada city center with a large and profitable Carrefour. Central market street Sheraton - some trash, as far as I'm concerned. Tired, didn't like it at all. Uber is the best for getting around. Funny prices and good service.
As for the hotel, in general, there are more advantages than disadvantages and a strong desire to switch - this created a good impression)
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