Sunny Days Palma is a hotel for lovers of the sea.

Written: 4 july 2024
Travel time: 14 — 25 june 2024
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Sunny Days is a very seaside hotel, consisting of a complex of 3 hotels: Sunny Days Palma, Sunny Days El Palasio, Sunny Days Mirette Family. We vacationed in the latter in January 2023. And in June 2024 we unexpectedly visited Palme.
We were originally supposed to fly from Germany to another hotel, but the German tour operator FTI Touristik went bankrupt and we were forced to look for something else. It's a pity that instead of 17 days we could only find 11 days at Sunny Days Palma approximately for our vacation dates. At the time of writing this review, the money for the failed vacation at the first hotel had not yet been returned, but we hope for the best! )

So, Sunny Days Palma.
The beauty of the sea around the hotel overcomes all the inconveniences of the very old rooms, where everything screams and requires updating and renovation, although they say that the rooms in the Palasio are more tired. By the way, renovation has already begun there.

We asked for several rooms to choose from. We looked in the area overlooking the beautiful green garden and overlooking the pool and the sea. Naturally, we settled on the second N1258. The sea is very close, beautiful!
The only thing I missed when going out onto the balcony was sunrises or at least sunsets. But in Palma there are simply no such rooms. We watched beautiful sunsets from the shore, and during sunrises we just slept)

The room is not small. One double bed and one single bed. Comfortable mattresses. Kettle, coffee, tea, sugar, hairdryer, good pressure of hot and cold water. The bottles contain gel and shampoo that have not been used. The shower cabin is very small, the shower is removable. There is no toilet brush. 5 towels, toilet paper, 2 bottles of water (1.5 l each) daily. That is, a standard 4-star hotel set. The refrigerator had to be defrosted) The air conditioning should be adjusted a little) The room card became demagnetized after a week, it was immediately updated. There are few sockets, so we took an extension cord with us. The TV is flat, sometimes they watched Euro 2024 football on the Egyptian channel)

There was a problem with beach towels. They disappeared from the sun loungers. This is not an isolated incident at the hotel.
It is not clear who is doing this - vacationers or service personnel.
Women who were relaxing nearby said that when we were not there during lunch, the Arabs put their towels on our sun loungers with towels and rested (after them the table was dirty, there was a glass of cola, a bunch of cigarette butts near the sun loungers). Then they left, apparently taking our towels. A few days before our incident, other guests also lost their towels. And a few days later, again one guy was looking for the missing towel. Like this (depending on your luck.
We talked with the main security guard and told him the time when we approximately left for lunch. The security seemed to be watching on cameras. The next morning the head of the security gave us new cards. Judging by his appearance, he wanted a reward. They gave him 3 dollars.

The sun loungers are comfortable, plastic, the beach towels are different, newer and older. Beautiful rustling beach umbrellas made of reeds!
This is my 10th time in Egypt and the second time I’m attending Kurban Bayram, which this year was on June 16th. A huge number of Arab families watched for 6 days. You had to come to the dining room an hour after the start of lunch and dinner. There were no queues then. This suited us. I also really liked that on these holidays the variety of food was different from other days. There were more meat dishes, side dishes, and sweets. Everything is fresh and tasty. The cooks tried hard for their locals)
But after the departure of the Egyptians, there were sour tomatoes, overcooked falafel, stale pastries, and much less meat dishes were served.
There is absolutely no need to worry about Kurban Bayram! !

After the departure of the locals, mostly Russian speech was heard in the hotel; unfortunately, there were very few Europeans.

There was almost always a strong, pleasant wind blowing on the beach at Palme. They were waiting for him in 40-degree heat, but in winter it was very cold and uncomfortable.
We bought an 8 GB SIM card for $10 near the hotel and hotel Wi-Fi (unlimited for 7 days for $22). Used carefully.

We made friends with the bartender at the beach bar of the Palacio Hotel, who made delicious cocktails: tequila sunrise, alcohol with tonic, ice and lime, and mojitos (they gave him $1 a day and got as many drinks as they wanted).
The room cleaner could not be encouraged - they did not see changes for 1 dollar.

There is no active daytime animation on site. Evening shows by hotel animators took place in the Palacio. Did not impress.

During the day there is tasteless ice cream and pizza for a snack.

We went to a pharmacy on Marina with fixed prices, and went to the Gomla market for juice and halva. We bought a simple cap for 80 pounds, in hotel shops they cost 4 dollars. We tried the first mango around June 20th. Already sweet and fragrant! But you can’t buy near the hotel! If in Gomla for 1 kg it is approximately 1.

5 dollars, then they are fooling around the hotel, their scales show 2 times more! It turns out that for 1 kg of tasteless sour mango - 4 dollars, although they say that 1 kg is 2 dollars.

In the evening we went to the Palacio with a flashlight near the shore, looked at the night marine life) We saw lionfish, a stingray, a small moray eel and a very beautiful bright red Spanish dancer mollusk.

The entry into the sea in Palma is sandy, but in Palacio it is better to enter the sea in corrals, there are sea urchins.
During the day we snorkeled, looked at different colored fish, sea urchins and dark reefs. One day a very large dark stingray swam quickly by! (maybe a manta ray) People saw dolphins in the morning.

The hotel has an ATM, but something went wrong with it. We exchanged dollars for pounds at the security guard at the exit near the frame at the normal rate. The official rate was: 1 dollar - 47 pounds, and we were 45 pounds.

The water in the sea was very warm. The air temperature during the day is more than 40 degrees.
When there is wind it’s comfortable, but on windless days it’s hot even by the sea, they only came alive in the water! I adapted to the climate in 4 days.

We were pleased with our vacation. You just need to try to get a normal room, with a beautiful view (who cares). And the sea is a wonderful miracle!

Paid 1470 euros for 11 nights for two, departing from Stuttgart. We rested from June 14 to June 25. We bought it urgently a week in advance; if it had been earlier, the ticket would have been even cheaper.

Near the hotel there is a promenade with city and paid beaches, an amusement park for locals. During the holiday, there were a lot of Egyptian families there, they set off fireworks, loud Arabic music sounded, and celebrated a wedding.

I can recommend Sunny Days Palma to lovers of the sea, snorkeling, and those with less stringent requirements for living conditions.
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