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Sharm el-Sheikh  • 
Sharm el-Sheikh  • 
Sharm el-Sheikh  • 
№4. Mount Sinai
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Sharm el-Sheikh  • 
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Not a bad hotel, but there are many Russians and the staff is double-edged
We arrived on the morning of the 17th at 7:00 a. m. We were supposed to check in at 2:00 p. m. , but we were checked in at 12:00 p. m. , which was very helpful. We were also fed breakfast, offered by ourselves.
 •  Yesterday
I liked the hotel
I have been to Sharm many times, but I did not know about this hotel before. The first thing that struck was the coast. I did not think that there is such a wonderful coast in Sharm.
 •  1 week ago
Great hotel, great service
The territory is nicely decorated, clean, attentive staff.
 •  1 week ago
family hotel
Moved to this hotel from Jaz Belvedere due to the weather. The hotel corresponds to 4 *. The bay is windless, I recommend it in winter. Full board is not much different from All.
 •  4 weeks ago
Everything is fine
Good afternoon. Recently returned from Sharm El Sheikh, I would like to leave positive feedback about the hotel. Beautiful area, friendly staff, delicious food. We enjoyed our stay there so much that we didn't want to leave!
 •  6 days ago
The flag of Russia, the aggressor country, hangs over the hotel
Today March 2.2023 Russia destroyed a 5-storey residential building with two missile strikes. A lot of victims and tragedies, a sea of ​ ​ blood, and the flag of the aggressor country is flying over the hotel.
 •  3 weeks ago
Great beach, very high quality massage, Wi-fi works throughout
Rested with a friend from 02.03. 23 to 07.03. 23. An indisputable advantage of staying at this hotel: the first line, a magnificent beach. Clean sand, gentle entry into the sea, the fish are not scared, there are always sun loungers.
 •  2 weeks ago
Excellent hotel
Excellent hotel. Settled in the room immediately around 11-30, no extra charge. The room is chic after renovation, every detail is thought out. Sea with a beautiful reef, on a solid 4.
 •  3 weeks ago
The hotel has significantly improved its level over the years
We are resting here not for the first time with friends and family. We chose this hotel for the first time because it is objectively the best beach in Naama Bay. There is a very beautiful sea, a sandy beach, but at the same time there is a beautiful coral reef nearby and an extraordinary number of v...
 •  3 weeks ago
The hotel is not bad, but there are many drawbacks
Rested in this hotel since March 1.2023 to 5.03. 2023. We arrived early, at 8 am we were already at the hotel, we were offered to go have breakfast and then they will see if they can check us in earlier.
 •  2 weeks ago
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