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Terribly biased review, because I have a weakness for such hotels
The hotel is located fifty meters from the embankment, the location is gorgeous. The building itself is a mansion of the early 20th century, throwing dust into the eyes from the threshold: antique figurines, luxurious furniture, an old-school elevator in which you have to close the door behind you.
 •  5 years ago
 •  13 years ago
Egyptian Alexandria
Being in Egypt and not visiting Alexandria is bad manners. Our trip to Cairo was also planned with a stop in Alexandria, a city filled with history from different centuries.
 •  13 years ago
Cruise on the Nile + Cairo + Alexandria + Hurghada
Cruise on the Nile + Cairo + Alexandria + rest in Hurghada. I'll start the story with the fact that I really liked everything connected with Egypt, but not very much with Russia.
 •  15 years ago
Traveling in Alexandria
I was in this hotel for just one night on an excursion from Sharm "Cairo-Alexandria". We were greeted late in the evening at the reception with a welcoming speech, wishes for a pleasant stay and a drink "welcome to Alexandria" (karkade of excellent quality).
 •  16 years ago
A photo
 •  16 years ago
Super hotel, comfort and quality
Large, very comfortable and good in all respects hotel. It is located next to the beautiful famous Montaza Park. A hotel for lovers, a hotel for romance, a hotel for relaxation.
 •  17 years ago
The best city hotel option
First of all, the hotel impresses with its location. It is located in the Alexandria Botanical Garden on the Mediterranean coast near the center of Alexandria. A small cozy cove has been made specially for the hotel.
 •  18 years ago
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