Can. Excellent for 3 stars.

Written: 9 may 2024
Travel time: 19 — 30 april 2024
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Rooms: 8.0
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I rested at the end of April 2024. I arrived at the start of dinner and were seated immediately. They demanded an additional payment of $20 for a good room (some even demanded $25), I refused to pay extra. We were accommodated in a normal room. The hotel is lightly loaded with tourists (this is at the end of April, then it may be different, which is why there are many advantages: there are practically no queues in the dining room or at the bar, there are always plenty of places near the reception, where there is free Internet of more or less normal quality, since there are no guests There is not much. They offer to clean the room every day, but I put up a sign so as not to be disturbed. There are two bars of soap in the room (no liquid soap), towels, toilet paper, no hairdryer, you need to ask at the reception if you run out of soap and toilet paper. then ask and they give you more.
The balcony door was broken, but it didn’t bother me, I managed to lock it before leaving, although there was a small gap left, at night there was additional noise through it (Mulla would wake up around 3-4 o’clock), so earplugs came in handy. Tourists didn’t talk about cases of theft in their rooms; everything seemed to be fine. The room is a little tired, but normal for living, there is a flat-screen TV with two Russian channels (the sound is good, the video is small, but in the other room they said that they showed everything fine). Every day they give a 600 ml bottle of water. per person. Tap water should not be drunk. The door is locked with a key, not a card. The hotel was formerly called Triton. 6 floors, several buildings. Egyptians swam in the pool only once, the slides work if you ask to turn them on, but no one swam there, they didn’t filter the water in it at all. The bathrooms have a window, apparently for ventilation, but someone could get into the room through it.
The staff does not know Russian, some understand, but with difficulty.

The food is ok: meat, fish, cucumbers, tomatoes, cakes. Fruits, berries: oranges, grapefruits, tangerines are very tasty, melon, dates are fresh, not dry, once there was watermelon, guava (but the season for it has passed, so there are leftovers). Drinks: tea (three or four types in bags), coffee, coffee with milk, supposedly juices (like Jupi), cola, sprite, Fanta, water. Alcohol: beer, whiskey, brandy, tequila, rum, gin, vodka, cocktail. There is no wine, only for an additional fee. There is a bar on the beach, you can use it, despite the fact that it is another hotel, the hotel does not have its own beach, but the hotel owner is the same. The cats in the dining room are very annoying, but they don’t jump on the tables.
There is animation at 20.00, about an hour, less. There is one on the beach too. Be careful with them: they are pranking you, they take $5 from you on the beach, give you a ticket, and you will receive a gift that costs $1. There's really no draw.
They call your ticket number, you go off stage and in fact they give you a gift whatever the presenter wants. On the last day before the flight of one tourist, these animators wanted to deceive her, when they found out that she was flying away, they asked her to change $5 (even without taking these $5 in her hands, it’s clear that something is completely wrong with them)
The beach is 5 minutes walk. There were always enough sun loungers on the beach, but in fact people from three hotels sometimes gather there. During the season it may be crowded. It can be windy on the beach if something is wrong with the weather. Once it was cloudy all day and a few drops of rain fell. Beach: sand made up of small, small pebbles. There were people who had been coming specifically to these hotels for many years.
The hotel is located almost on the outskirts of the city, but not in the middle of nowhere. Market: leaving the hotel and turning right you will reach an intersection, turn left, go to the end and turn right.
If you are not picky and consider that the hotel is 3 stars, then it’s fine.
I talked to people not from these hotels, but in another hotel, cooler, people at 5 am took places on sun loungers on the beach.

You can go to Luxor. I’ll warn you right away that it takes more than 6 hours to travel one way by bus, although all travel agencies tell you that it’s 4 hours. They promise a super-duper comfortable bus, but in fact you almost got a minibus, it depends on your luck, it doesn’t depend on where you bought, they unite everyone from different places. Luxor costs $45-$50 on the street from more or less greedy travel agencies. If you take the Valley of the Queens - then 45 $, if from the kings - then 50 $ (entrance tickets cost differently, the rest of the program is the same. I liked Karnak and the Temple of Hatshepsut, but in the tombs of the kings there is nothing special to see, “everything was stolen, before us “It seems that many of the drawings on the walls were probably restored by local artists. You can only enter three tombs with a ticket; they punch you in the ticket everywhere. I recommend Ramses the 4th and the farthest one.
In the deepest one, which is on the right in the far corner, there is nothing to see, but for some reason this is where guides most often advise going. They offer an additional $10 to go to banana island, where you will see how bananas grow and eat fruit. If you refuse, the guide will try to catch you later and offer you on the sly for $7. A local told me that there is no point in going there, and neither does a friend, so you can just do it for 1 hour 20 minutes. relax on the bus. It’s definitely not worth buying anything from hotel guides; it can be more than twice as expensive. I bought a bathyscaphe on the street for $10, and the hotel guide offered the same for $25. His Luxor cost $70. Those who wrote here before and advised to contact Sanka, either don’t know the prices at all, except by comparing with a hotel guide, or lobby this Sanka, he’s also a cunning one.
Don't rush to buy right away, take a walk. Bargain with everyone. In stores they can say the price is 5 times more expensive for the product
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