Double impression

Written: 18 january 2022
Travel time: 5 — 14 january 2022
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Rooms: 7.0
Service: 6.0
Cleanliness: 10.0
Food: 5.0
Amenities: 1.0
Maybe once it was one of the best Albatrosses. But now you can't say that.
1. Smells like sewage everywhere.
2. In the evening, do not sit in the lobby if you are not a smoker. The entire lobby is covered in cigarette smoke.
3. Food is given out in 2 pieces and they look like an enemy, but the fact that you have 2 children at the table and you need to still terribly dislike it.
4. The bartender Nadia on the beach, upset by her fate, apparently condemns all the women who come up to her for alcohol.
5. The waiters are not in a hurry at all. . . It's okay to bring it, but remove the vomit after the child who vomited right on the aisle in the restaurant. . . They probably decided that it would dry out faster. . . Horror!!! ! And people at this time were sitting and eating...
6. Room cleaning is mediocre.
7. Food - you won't be hungry. You constantly need to go to all the restaurants to find what will be tastier where.
Reception work. . . Fast and all in fact.
Sea from the pier.

Slides for children.
And as a bonus a boat for the lazy.
I was very surprised by the paid hammam and sauna $ 30 an hour !!!
I will think deeply about a trip to this hotel again. The only thing that can bribe is the price! If it will be the same or more expensive than it used to be. Of course we won't go again.
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