Ode to a dream

Written: 16 november 2023
Travel time: 19 october — 2 november 2023
Who does the author recommend the hotel to?: For families with children
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Rooms: 9.0
Service: 9.0
Cleanliness: 10.0
Food: 8.0
Amenities: 10.0
I was in the Palace for the third time...it was interesting - what has changed. yes the hotel grew up, matured, revealed all its charms. everything is at the highest level.
Numbers. we were accommodated in a room with a sea view, as a compliment from the hotel. the standard room is clean, tidy, everything is there, everything works. desirable repair, but not critical.
Food. everything is fine here too. all restaurants were open. every time there was something new and delicious. a wonderful children's restaurant in the restaurant - there is food for the smallest, children's tables, cartoons are broadcast.
Beach. it's just a miracle. fine sand and a gentle entrance to the sea. so it's a great place for kids. there are many sunbeds. the reef is not bad.
A good food restaurant is nearby, so you can always have a drink or a meal.
Swimming pools. clean, there are many sunbeds, there are bars. it won't be sad))

The territory is quite large, there is a place to walk, lawns, flower beds are beautiful, well-kept. it is convenient to drive everywhere with a whisk, who is with children.
Personnel. everyone is attentive, they do their job perfectly.
unobtrusive, there are activities, foam parties were held on the beach. mini disco in the evening, entertainment programs.
And separately I want to write about Lesya's gestrelayshen. this is my love and motivation to come here again and recommend this hotel to others. always smiling, willing to help. she was in touch with us every day - we knew from her about all the entertainment, nuances of food in various restaurants, and in general, she decided everything that was needed. her presence and help greatly improved our vacation (and her requests were difficult)
I recommend this hotel for families with children.
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