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Written: 16 april 2021
Travel time: 3 — 10 april 2021
Who does the author recommend the hotel to?: For families with children; For recreation with friends, for young people
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Brought to the hotel 08-30 to 10.00 settled. Wifi throughout the hotel is excellent. Superior room renovated with a balcony. Food: normal, but often oversalted or peppery. You won't be hungry though. Animators - just super... from 10.00 to 22.00 - will not be bored on the beach and in the evening animation.
The reception is always ready to help.
The trip was from Anex tour. The flight was changed, the transfer guide left on the doorstep of the hotel!! ! For the first time I meet that the guides would leave the vacationers on the doorstep of the hotel and leave. At the meeting with the hotel guide, they were even more surprised that they did not receive a single answer to the question, only an attempt to sell excursions. When asked about the test - read in the insurance policy ?? ? What hasn't been priced yet. A "free" tour of Sharm, they forgot to say that they would take water, and when they brought it to their "Center" with low air conditioning, or rather its absence, they began to drive around the shops not allowing them to buy water that was not in their stores. And the conversion of the pound-dollar at 17.4 (everywhere about 15.5) just beat the whole impression. The last point from Anex is the return flight: the size of the seat corresponds to a side chair for a child with the front seat lying on you - the flight is only 4 hours.

Bottom line: I will go to the hotel to rest again, but not with the Anex-tour !! !
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