Average hotel

Written: 5 january 2022
Travel time: 26 december 2021 — 9 january 2022
Who does the author recommend the hotel to?: For families with children; For recreation with friends, for young people
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Hotel ratings by criteria:
Rooms: 4.0
Service: 7.0
Cleanliness: 7.0
Food: 6.0
Amenities: 8.0
The hotel is large, with beautiful grounds and a beautiful reef. Great beach, clean.
The rooms are tired, especially sad with plumbing. But in general, nothing falls off and that's good, you can live. Cleaned every two days, the bed for 10 days has not been changed yet. Towels are replaced, there are a lot of them, so everything is ok here.
We survived the flood here on January 1, the rooms were flooded with water, they were in no hurry to save us, so they saved themselves, plugging the cracks from the balcony and the corridor with towels and bathrobes. There are no drains here, so some rooms sank for about a day. The next day we were promptly replaced with dressing gowns and towels that had died in battle.

The food is moderately good. There are plenty to choose from, but don’t expect pickles, you can’t eat a lot of food, but you can find more or less decent options for yourself. Queues for food are like for sausage in the USSR, and the fact that food is distributed is inconvenient. Expect that if you eat a lot, you will beg for a piece three times a day))))) But after five days you will get excited, and you will proudly return to the table, with the second chicken leg obtained.
In general, there is beautiful nature, excellent sea, there is an evening program, a wonderful reef, and if you close your eyes to some little things and just relax, then you will have a good time.
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