Tired hotel, poor food

Written: 14 february 2024
Travel time: 3 — 10 february 2024
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Rooms: 4.0
Service: 10.0
Cleanliness: 6.0
Food: 4.0
Amenities: 4.0
The hotel is tired, the food is C grade, but the staff is very good and overcomes all the disadvantages of this hotel. We arrived on February 3 at 11:00 am and were immediately seated. After looking at the number, we wanted to change it, they changed it without any problems. The room was 362. No balcony. Everything is working, if you don’t find fault, it’s fine. The bed is clean, hot water and a hairdryer are essential for girls). We went down for lunch and were initially pleasantly surprised - there was a choice of seafood. Having taken the crabs and shrimp, I want to say that there is nothing to eat there - the crabs are dry, and the shrimp are not tasty at all. The food is the same, by the 4th day everything gets boring, the meat is beef and chicken. Dushmansky alcohol. There are 2 swimming pools, one heated, and slides (the slides are in terrible condition).
A bus takes you to the sea, the beach is gorgeous, there is a place to swim and see fish) I would like to note that the Arabs are less pestering, either civilization has reached them, or complaints to the police have had an effect (I was there 2 years ago, I know what I’m writing) Minus the huge mosquitoes (our fumigator didn’t act, and the workers didn’t even bully them, and then when you already start swearing) If you don’t stay in a hotel, then it’s good for an overnight stay. Cleaned every day. I wouldn't come back here. Another!! ! It’s a strange conversion: if you pay by card, they immediately add to your amount all the taxes they have to pay (if it’s dollars or pounds, then the rate is 55-60, and with a card it’s 30-32. Be careful. And I categorically do not recommend Mango Market and George Clooney stores. They're still scammers! Advertised stores, and nothing more. Strawberries rot the next day. The candies are disgusting, you can't eat them (they give some to try, they sell others). There are few tourists, so feel free to bargain. Bought the Internet for $8.23 gigs.
It was also surprising how the individuals themselves voluntarily irradiate themselves when passing through the frame. There is an alternative entrance and exit.
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