Terrible service, rude staff at the highest level!

Written: 26 august 2017
Travel time: 2 — 12 august 2017
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There is a lot of text, as well as “impressions”. In short, the hotel is no different from a number of other hotels around. But the work of the staff is something, I think that such an attitude towards the hotel guests still needs to be looked for. To the guests, who, by the way, pay money for this "rest".
RECEPTION. Russian and Spanish administrators work at the reception (women, only one - a man. Only he was not rude). Olga and Natalia (administrators) - this is a gesture. Probably sisters) They don’t know how to communicate at all, they are rude, they meet guests with such muzzles, as if they’ll give you in the face now. The mood was spoiled every day.
ANEX TOUR. A separate story of the hotel is the "Anex tour", which do everything to make the rest even more difficult. Guide Irina said that you can contact her with any questions. I asked just one question on WhatsApp (as she said), the question was important and concerned the excursion that we bought from her.

Naturally, I did not receive an answer, although the letter was read.
And almost only Russians rest in the hotel.
Oh, another story - the bartender. I have nothing against gays, but against such pi___ owls - I have! He's just rude and grimacing! More than once I noticed how he shouted to people to close the doors to the hotel behind them - old, decrepit doors that do not have a closer. And so people should worry about the fact that the door does not close the first time and efforts must be made to close them. If you didn’t notice that the door opened after you entered - write wasted - the bartender will start shouting something in Spanish to the whole room and waving his arms, expressing all his displeasure, turning this scene into a scandal. And when you notice that their broken doors are not your problem, in fact, and you don’t have to worry about the problems of the hotel, the bartender starts clicking your tongue, snarling and grimacing. I've never seen such nonsense anywhere else.
SERVICE. And I also want to note that I travel a lot, I have been to different countries, but I have not seen such a service as in Spain anywhere. They say it's even worse in France, now I don't even want to check)

BEACH. By the way, the beach is wide, moderately clean, there is an excellent bike path and a promenade for walking. But keep in mind that you will not find sunbeds. An option is to buy an umbrella and a cloth and lie on the sand. As for me, there should be the right to choose, because not everyone is accustomed to the rest of the "savages".

These are not all the minuses, I described what I remembered more vividly.

A personal example from a stay at a hotel. One day we came to order breakfast the next morning as we were going on a tour. We arrived at the reception at 20:40, and, as it turned out, the hotel rules stated (the admin took out a piece of paper from under the counter) that breakfast can only be ordered until 20:00.

And here we are already evaluating the work of the staff: we could go to a meeting and resolve the issue (I note that we just left the restaurant, where dinner had recently begun and there was still plenty of food. By the way, we had previously ordered breakfast, so it was: 1 apple, 1 bottle water and a sandwich - 2 pieces of bread, and inside there are a lot of onions and a little pepper - that's how I asked to make a sandwich with cheese instead of meat), so this time they could put at least this !! ! But no! We came 40 minutes late and we are not supposed to, we were fined. Tin. As a result, we were left with a spoiled mood, hungry right up to lunch (until we reached our destination).
In addition to our case, I personally regularly observed scenes when the guest applied to the reception desk to solve various problems, they were literally “put in place” and explained that “you understand, such problems are not quickly resolved” - this is in a situation when a family came, to report that water is dripping from the ceiling right now on their bed and asked what they should do and if they would have any problems because of this. By the way, the family was Russian (polite, courteous), but this did not save them from the "countrymen".

BENEFITS of the hotel. All that was normal in the hotel was the room and its cleaning. The maids are golden, they tried very hard even when we forgot to leave the euro. And they smiled and smiled. And for such kindness and sincerity, we always left a generous tip.
If you take a lot of excursions and (or) drive yourself, then it will not be boring.

It is up to everyone to decide personally, of course, what to pay money for, but I consider it a crime not to write my review.
After all, if I had read such a review before I bought the tour, then I definitely would not have chosen The Element Hotel!
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