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6th time in Tenerife - comparative review of impressions. Part 2
6th time in Tenerife - a comparative overview of experiences. Part 1 Wednesday. I'm going diving and my gang is going to Obama Beach. In the evening, they tell me what a cool beach it is, and that I definitely need to go there again so that I can see it.
 •  2 years ago
6th time in Tenerife - comparative review of impressions. Part 1
I'll start with the fact that there was nothing special to choose for the rest (Turkey, the Balkans, Egypt - I'm not very interested), but we missed the rest and plus I decided that I want to teach my child scuba diving (in Tenerife I know one very good instructor) decided to fly to Tenerife again.
 •  2 years ago
With football in the world *. Part 2
Part 1>>> Part 2. Everything you wanted to know about alcohol training, but were afraid to ask You probably won't believe it, but you've never flown RhineAir before!
 •  3 years ago
Madrid. A month before the Covid Apocalypse
Why Madrid? Because they found cheap tickets. We started the low-cost + visa-free program - we are looking for where there are cheap tickets, and we fly there. We don’t have the opportunity to buy in a year, because of the specifics of my work, but in a month it suits us.
 •  4 years ago
Suddenly Spain!
The invitation to go to Spain was a surprise. My friends bought a house there and invited me to a housewarming party. The trip just fell on my birthday. Cool!!! ! Birthday in Spain!
 •  3 years ago
My Madrid
Madrid is not washed by the sea and was not built by a worthy river, but with so many beautiful parks, it will give odds to many world capitals. An elegant glass pavilion was built in Retiro Park (Parque del Retiro) (architect Ricardo Velazquez Bosco actually copied his creation from London's Cryst...
 •  4 years ago
Prague-Valencia country-Amsterdam (through the eyes of a leisurely grandmother)
Spain called me (again and two years later). Tickets were bought two months in advance, from us - through Prague to Valencia (bypassing Moscow) and back - through Amsterdam.
 •  5 years ago
How to love Spain?
Well, I can't do it with Spain! I was, however, only in Catalonia. Barcelona is not given at all. This time I decided to change the format. We combine beach holidays with excursions!
 •  5 years ago
In the arms of the sea
I love A. Dode very much. And different, southern, French names (remember "Numa Rumestan") simply fascinate me. Why Tarragona, the husband asked? I like the name, a half-day excursion, and with Lenka (my friend from Paris) drove past.
 •  5 years ago
Rest and study Spanish
Last year I started learning Spanish, and the best way to learn as effectively as possible is to immerse yourself in the language environment. I have always dreamed of visiting Andalusia and this was the moment when I could combine the pleasant with the useful.
 •  5 years ago
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