6th time in Tenerife - comparative review of impressions. Part 2

06 February 2022 Travel time: with 20 august 2021 on 03 September 2021
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6th time in Tenerife - a comparative overview of experiences. Part 1

Wednesday. I'm going diving and my gang is going to Obama Beach. In the evening, they tell me what a cool beach it is, and that I definitely need to go there again so that I can see it.

Thursday. We decided to go to the super-mega-epsilon-alfa-megacentauri-something-add-yourself-cool beach with sand from the very fucking Sahara - Las Teresitas. The beach is located next to Santa Cruz - why we didn’t stop by it when we were in Santa Cruz is not clear. We found where to park the car, and all of us, in anticipation of a miracle, go to this beach. We go to it from the side of Santa Cruz and see something like a marina for motor boats - what the hell? ! Of course, we go further, somewhere almost in the middle of the beach strip, we decide to stop and set up camp. There are a lot of people, the wind is blowing, and these boats are on the side - in general, everything is not as we imagined. And everyone has one thought, except for Anya (she is busy with business - she studies the ocean) - what for we came here and what to do next ? ! Let's look at how we can save today. We consider options and decide that the town of La Orotava can save us. We turn off our camp and hurry to the car to go further. Goodbye Las Teresitas - you are the weakest link on this vacation!

Arrived in La Orotava - it's not a big town with 15th century architecture. The town is located above the northern capital of Puerto de La Cruz. We parked the car and went to review the local architecture and sights. But first of all, and how without it, the girls wanted to drink coffee with cakes in a beautiful cafe. The cafe was in a small park overlooking the school, and we were able to watch how the children were taken out of the school and handed over to their parents. They noted that all children wear uniforms - I am not a supporter of this rule. School employees do not let younger children leave the school until they can transfer the child to an adult. We drank coffee and went for a walk around the town. First we climbed up and ended up in Victoria Gardens. They took 100.500 photos there, put a notch on the wall “I was here, 2021”, threw a coin into the fountain and went down.

We went down to the Church of the Immaculate Conception, then went to the Church of San Batistuta, reached a dead end, turned around and went back to the car. Ira could not pass by a variety of door handles and so I considered it my duty to take a picture with each pen. I thought it would be the day after tomorrow, but, fortunately, we were lucky, the variety of pens ended quickly and we noticeably accelerated. And now Anya and I are already counting on going home, as the rest of the gang of our expedition wants to walk one more way and see if there is anything interesting there. We stayed to wait. As a result, they did the right thing, because. There wasn't much else to do there other than shops. We sit in the car, fill in our town in the navigator and the navigator paves the way for us through the north of the island. On this day, we traveled around the entire island around the perimeter. Yes, I almost forgot, about “I was here, 2021” – I was joking, of course we didn’t do anything like that. Verdict - everyone liked the town, you can visit it.

Friday. We go to the bathhouse in the north, not far from Garachico and on the way we stop at Masca.

A lot has already been written about the Mask - I just have to confirm: yes, it's really beautiful there; yes, narrow serpentine; yes, you must visit here; yes, the passage through the gorge is closed.

Let's go to the bathhouse, it is located near the town of San Juan de la Rambla. Exact coordinates - https://www.google.com/. . . /data= 3m1 4b1 4m5 3m4...

I saw it on one overview video and because I had not bathed in such a wonder of the world before, then I decided that we would not pass by. Really nice view and nothing else special. We spent an hour and a half in this bath. Go home early and because. this bath is not so far from Puerto de la Cruz, then we decide to take a ride there. We arrived, parked the car, and our gang decides to split up: Anya and I go to the beach, the rest go for a walk around the town. For those who are not in the know, here is Loro Parque - a must-see place for those who will be in Tenerife for the first time. Jardin Beach is one of the best beaches in Tenerife. There is black sand, a wide beach strip, who needs waves - please, who needs a calm ocean - also please. I liked the beach. Las Teresitas - you are the weakest link, don't forget about it.

Saturday. During the day we don’t go anywhere, we swim and sunbathe on our beach. Everyone is waiting for the evening. In the evening we go to the Teide to watch the sunset and the starry sky. I am laying the route and I see, as I already wrote above, three different options: on the left, in the center and on the right. In the center - this is through Arona. So I haven't traveled yet, so let's go that way. And again serpentines, and again steep climbs - the road is not easy. We climbed to the height, the planes coming in for landing were lower than us. View of Las Americas, Adeje - bimba! Then we went to the track to the Teide Park. We arrived at the main observation deck (opposite the restaurant), besides us, the same connoisseurs of beauty arrived. But unlike many, we arrived prepared: champagne, cheese, melon, jam - oh, how other tourists looked at us. We waited for the sunset, waited for the starry sky - a delight from beauty, everyone is in a great mood. True, after sunset it becomes cool, so you need to have warm jackets and pants.

Verdict: Riding the Teide in your own car is a completely different story: you take your time, no one pushes you, you can go down to where there are paths and admire the beauties as much as you want.

Sunday. We're going to Obama Beach. The beach is on the road to Los Gigantes. You can go down to the beach by car, unload and then return upstairs to put the car in a free parking lot. Then walk down the stairs down to the beach - we did just that. The beach is not bad, the water is clean, the sand is yellow. There is where to jump into the water - the height is about 3-4 meters. One English mother, 40-45 years old, with two sons 9-10 years old, taught her children to jump. She did not have enough patience for a long time and with the words Less talking more action she threw one, and then the second into the water. There are places to snorkel. There is a restaurant on the beach. We stayed here until lunch and then the bell rang - it's time to give the car. They came back and returned the car.

We rolled 118 euros worth of gasoline in a week - I won't say how many kilometers it is. Timed consumption, somewhere in the middle 12 l / 100km, on serpentines 20l / 100km. And serpentines almost everywhere we went.

After we returned the car, we also went to Siam Park. Went into it because of Anya. He is no longer of particular interest to us. But I must say this - there is enough absurdity everywhere. So it all started with the fact that we could not buy tickets online through the park's website - there are no tickets for the next two days. We went to the cashier and bought there quietly. Food cannot be brought into the park, only water! Food must be taken to the storage room, it costs 3 or 5 euros, I already forgot, and then come and have lunch there in a specially designated place. The next absurdity is that everyone wears masks. Many go down the hills in masks. As soon as you ride in a mask on a hill, your mask is naturally all wet. And here it is not clear what is the point, why such a mask? But no one heard anything about keeping a distance there - this is for wimps. The queues are huge, somewhere you had to stand for an hour. In general, I didn’t really like it this time.

Shopping. Usually we bought some things for the child for school: T-shirts, jackets, raglans, etc. This time, the choice was poor, and it is clear that the prices have become slightly higher. In general, we didn’t buy much for ourselves or for gifts.

Summing up this trip: if not for a car, it would be boring. We went around all the neighborhoods near our house last time, so we didn’t really want to go anywhere. We visited Loro Park, Siam Park, Teide Volcano more than once, so they are not of particular interest to us either.

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супер-мега-эпсилон-альфамегацентавра-еще что-то-добавьте-сами- крутой пляж с песком из самой, мать ее за ногу, сахары – Las Teresitas
супер-мега-эпсилон-альфамегацентавра-еще что-то-добавьте-сами- крутой пляж с песком из самой, мать ее за ногу, сахары – Las Teresitas
супер-мега-эпсилон-альфамегацентавра-еще что-то-добавьте-сами- крутой пляж с песком из самой, мать ее за ногу, сахары – Las Teresitas
кладбище рядом с пляжем Las Teresitas
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