How to love Spain?

16 June 2019 Travel time: with 01 June 2019 on 09 June 2019
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Well, I can't do it with Spain! I was, however, only in Catalonia. Barcelona is not given at all. This time I decided to change the format. We combine beach holidays with excursions! We choose a town, a hotel and set off. I think it's called a "package tour". Let me tell you - I loved it! I have already written about the hotel. Good 3+. Clean, Chaplains beach, very beautiful nearby. From the balcony you can even see PortAventura. The pools at the hotel are normal, only open from 10.00, so you can't swim before breakfast. For the most part, the towels of the enterprising residents of the hotel "sunbathed" there. The beach part of our holiday was great! The most important thing here was the Sea. It is beautiful, Pure, transparent azure! , Soft sand, etc. . . icy! I am a famous penguin. I swim in any water, any temperature, but my wife did not let me. On the bridges, from the beach of Chaplains it was possible to go to the embankment. There are enough cafes and restaurants. It is very pleasant to sit in a cafe with a glass decanter of wine or sangria and admire the beautiful Sea. I liked walking along the palm alley. And a small light and music fountain, I also liked it. Salou is a charming place! If there was not enough Sea, then I still "swimmed" in the hotel pool. He's pretty cool too. The hotel is surrounded by a variety of cafes and restaurants. I will write about some. Restaurant dAlbert is almost at the pier. A varied menu, both Spanish and European. Very nice place in the evening. Good service, average prices, they accept cards. MurMur on the embankment. We drank coffee and sangria there several times. Clean, nice, fast service. They accept cards. Didn't visit in the evening. I must say that my card in euros with pay-pass was accepted everywhere. In Alcampo (Auchan) there was a card in hryvnia. There were no problems. O Mar, obviously a fish restaurant. Crustaceans swim in the aquarium, which will be cooked in front of you. We took the sea bream baked in salt. I liked the game of words "dorada on the Costa Dorado". Beautiful, clean and even in the evening, not noisy. The Garden, a modest establishment next to our hotel. The cuisine is varied, portions are large, friendly staff and reasonable prices. Around the corner of the hotel was Auchan. If you walk a little Spar, and a little more Michelangelo. Strawberries, wine, cheese, jamon and sparkling bvlo everywhere. Bad wine did not come across. We tried to take different regions. Initially, Freiheinet liked Codornu more. But everyone drank! The excursion program was also a success. The trip to Andorra with the hotel guide and Tarragona with BusPlan were excellent. Who is going to Salou, I can present prospectuses, you will be able to orient in advance on time and cost. Here is Barcelona. I didn't even really want to go. The previous two times were not impressive. Not impressed even now. And beautiful, and not hot, but. . . this is not my city. Husband took a bunch of pictures. We had a good walk around the city. We sat in the Crema Canela cafe. Lena, my friend, and I found him on our last visits. Probably should move to Madrid. With a few exceptions and some subtleties. ru, we can assume that the trip took place, but again it was not possible to fall in love with Spain! Maybe I'll come again. The baby is very interested in PortAventura.

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Кафе рядом с отелем The Garden
Отель Best Los Angeles.
Ресторан O Mar.
Фонтан Салоу. Который вечером светомузыкальный.
Мост Дьявола. Таррагона.Барселона.
Храм Святого Семейства.
Барселона. Порт.
Храм Святого Семейства
Готический квартал. Барселона.
Барселона Гауди.
Пляж Капелланов.Салоу.
Натюрморт или классика Испании.
Салоу. Пляж.
Пиренеи. Андорра.
Хамон. Испания.
Пляж. Салоу.
Пляж Капелланов.
Средиземное море.
Средиземноморский балкон.
Пляж Капелланов. Салоу.
Гаспаччо в Салоу.
Море и сангрия. Mur Mur Салоу.
Подарки из Испании.
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