Madrid. A month before the Covid Apocalypse

07 august 2020 Travel time: with 26 January 2020 on 31 January 2020
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Why Madrid? Because they found cheap tickets. We started the low-cost + visa-free program - we are looking for where there are cheap tickets, and we fly there. We don’t have the opportunity to buy in a year, because of the specifics of my work, but in a month it suits us. Initially, we decided that we would not go in the cold, we considered options in the Mediterranean. We got tickets for 195s (basic fare, we paid another 80s for different packages) for two people in both directions for a month for 6 nights to Madrid - the capital of the once great Spanish Empire. Why not?

They flew (first time) as Ryans. The good thing is the price. We also took coffee, 3rd, but very good and very large portion, enough for two. Otherwise, the seats do not recline at all.

We had 5 full days. Unfortunately, by the end of the 2nd day, I got the flu, and on the 3rd day, so did my wife. Because of this, all plans were broken or crumpled. For example, we didn’t go to Toledo at all.

What you visited in a healthy way.

Day 1

The Rastro street market is a cool flea market to visit for lovers or if you have a lot of time in Madrid.

Flamenco. How not to visit flamenco while in Spain? ! They took tickets for a month, and then they sat not nearby and from the very edge. Such a cool performer (Sara Baras). Compared to Barcelona… Opinions are divided. My wife liked the Madrid performance more. For me it's Barcelona. I understand that from the point of view of high art and dance, Madrid is better, but there was no singing at all in it. The Apollo Theater itself is pretty zanedbany.

Day 2

Royal Palace in Madrid. My wife liked it very much, I liked 3 rooms. It took us about 3 hours to the palace itself, I would have walked in an hour))). But the detached Armory is just a mutual delight! Such a rich collection of knightly armor of the late Middle Ages still needs to be looked for!

Next, we got sick, so the examination was very cursory.

The Prado Museum is very stuffy. Keep in mind when dressing for his visit in the winter. Many of the paintings are 500 years old, but they are in such excellent condition that some even doubted their authenticity)))).

Buen Retiro Park is best to visit when it is at least relatively warm and healthy.

Cathedral of Santa Maria la Real de la Almudena - good, but not enough antiquity)))).

We also visited the musical "The Lion King". We have never been to a modern successful musical, and even a world class one. visited. We thought musicals were mostly about dancing and singing, sometimes talking (very briefly). It turned out that they talk half the time. The show is chic, but we won’t go to a musical on a non-native language anymore)))). Tickets were also taken a month in advance, and there were already problems with good seats. Due to illness, only the first act sat out.

General impressions of Madrid

There is color, its own face, a large historical center (2 km in diameter), inside which you can wander and enjoy the beautiful houses and the general atmosphere. Well, we like Spain.

There are no stunning architectural structures and ensembles, as well as medieval antiquities. All that is - built from the middle of the 18th century, not earlier. There is no greenery on the streets (almost).

What is surprising - there are practically no churches.

I give photos in chronological order:

Royal Palace

Royal Palace

Buen Retiro Park

Buen Retiro Park, Crystal Palace

Buen Retiro Park, Crystal Palace

Buen Retiro Park

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Королевский Дворец
Королевский Дворец
Парк Буэн-Ретиро
Парк Буэн-Ретиро  Хрустальный Дворец
Парк Буэн-Ретиро  Хрустальный Дворец
Парк Буэн-Ретиро
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