Saulkrasti - the sunny coast of Latvia

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50 km from Riga, in the sunniest town of Saulkrasti, there is a beautiful, clean sandy beach next to centuries-old pine trees.

In Saulkrasti, you can not only spend time on the sea coast, but also get aesthetic pleasure from contemplating the landscapes.

White dune (Balta kapa) is one of the main attractions of Saulkrasti. It is believed that this dune has existed for more than 300 million years.

From a height of 18 m, the observation deck of the White Dune offers an impressive view of the sea, the steep winding banks of the Inchupe River and the wide beach.

Unlike the Jurmala coast, the water here is not so shallow, the sand on the beach is singing, and the nature surrounding the coast has retained its original appearance.

On the Sunset Forest Trail, about 4 km long, you can walk, breathe in the fresh sea air and watch amazing sunsets.

There are wooden stairs on the path, several wooden figurines of mother-hedgehog Frida and hare Fredis are installed, which encourage people not to make noise and not litter, there is also an insect path, comfortable benches, playgrounds, cafes.

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