The rocks of Vetzemyu

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About 80 km from Riga, on the Vidzem coast, there is a picturesque place where you forget everything in the world - Veczemju klintis.

Sand cliffs, caves, grottoes, a shore up to 3-4 m high and about 500 m long, huge stones on the water, gorgeous nature, chirping birds and cries of seagulls.

Real feng shui! Wind, water and stones)

Nearby there is a camping site, wooden houses, places for picnics and tents, barbecues, a wooden bathhouse. Paid parking.

On the beach you can sunbathe, enjoy the beauty, listen to the sound of the waves and swim in the sea.

Part of the road is rough - it shakes a lot, you need to drive slowly. But for the sake of such beauty and pristine nature, it is definitely worth coming! You can stay there all day. There are fewer people in the morning. In the evening, the rocks are colored red.

Episodes of the film "Long Road in the Dunes" were filmed in these places.

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