Poland in pictures or "masterpieces" of conciseness.

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As a child, I loved to read picture books. Moreover, the less text, the better. So I associate Poland with such a book with pictures. For some reason, I always leaf through it, and I never have enough time to read it.

In the Netherlands, I asked a native Dutch woman who speaks fluent Russian what kind of our writers she likes? I laughed at her answer for a long time. She looked at me in surprise and said: “Yes, I don’t quote them at all, there is so much text for so little information. ” She probably only reads picture books. In general, this is dedicated to my friend Paola. . .

Poznań is the ancient capital of Greater Poland and the current administrative center of the Greater Poland Voivodeship. Oh, these fairs, colors!

The atmosphere is festive, there are a lot of tents with bright dolls.

Walking among the dolls you begin to fall into childhood.

Oh! My favorite honey

The whole party takes placeonOld Square. The day is very sunny, the gilding shimmers in the sun.

We thought it was the Town Hall as always. But no. This is Raczynski Library.

Very atmospheric and unobtrusive streets of Poznan

Krakow is the most beautiful Polish city!

The visiting card of the city is the St. Mary's Church.

The same pictures at night (can be compared)

One of the Seven Wonders of Poland - Wawel Castle.

Wawel Castle was enveloped in the night

There is a reliable guard at the foot of the castle - the Dragon Smoke, spewing flames.

And the center of the city, traditionally Market Square, by the way, is the largest in Europe. The City Hall traditionally dominates the square.


There is Sukiennice on the square with shopping malls on the first floor and a museum of Polish painting on the second floor.

Defensive Bastion of Brabacan ( 15th century).

Monument of the Battle of Grunwald on Jan Matejko Square.

He is in the night lights

A celebrity alley was found on Chervensky Boulevard.

My childhood Indian love

Very interestingtemple: Church of Saints Peter and Paul

Running through the streets of Krakow

Lublin. Slightly shabby and some kind of sharovar Polish city.

In the center, a drunken company was dragging some skinned rooster on a string.

View of Lublin Castle. It houses a historical museum and a museum of painting.

Warsaw is the modern capital of Poland with a completely unmemorable architecture. (To be honest, not my city at all. )

Well, my children's coloring is over. I promise to grow up creatively, read the book and share deeper knowledge and impressions about an interesting EU country, Poland. And I would especially like to note that Poland has "grown" very strongly over the past five years and is developing at a rapid pace. Excellent roads with markings, signs, electronic scoreboards, the construction of new quarters is in full swing. If this continues, I will not be surprised that Poland will soon catch up with Germany. Well done Poles!

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