Winter weekend in Gdansk

04 March 2018 Travel time: with 16 February 2018 on 19 February 2018
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  • Gdansk is a very beautiful medieval city in the north of Poland with a centuries-old history. For those who have not yet had time to visit the Netherlands, Belgium, the cozy towns of Germany and Denmark, like us, Gdansk will be the best city to get acquainted with such an architectural plan. Dutch architects and sculptors of the 17th century worked in Gdań sk.
  • Gdań sk will be able to enchant you from the first visit. It can be found on the query "how to relax in Europe", "10 spring destinations for frugal tourists".
  • The city is cozy, romantic, with many narrow houses, bridges and cafes. We learned about it from friends who in 2016 were among the first to open a new route of Wizz Air from Kiev.
  • Gdansk lies on the shores of the Gulf of Gdans in the Baltic Sea. Rivers also flow through the city.

    In the Middle Ages, Gdań sk was one of the largest ports on the Baltic Sea and one of the leading trading posts of the Hanseatic League. (From the directory: The Hanseatic League (Hanseatic League) - trade and political union of North German cities in the XIV - XVI centuries. led by Lubeck. The Hanseatic League belonged to the trade hegemony in Northern Europe. )

  • Gdansk is known as the city from which the Second World War began. ( From Wikipedia: the removal of Gdań sk from German control and other frictions led to Germany's invasion of Poland. )
  • The architecture of the city was badly damaged after the war. The historic center has now been completely rebuilt. The facades of the houses on Gdań sk's main tourist street look quite authentic. Construction cranes remain part of the cityscape, because the work does not stop. New modern buildings are growing that harmonize with the existing ones.

    Dense buildings are formed. Today, Poles are rebuilding, rebuilding and developing the city at a very high rate. It is amazing how Poland has managed to rebuild so many facilities in different cities. Gdań sk has many unique buildings that make its promenades and streets recognizable.

  • Incredible reflections of houses in the water, the picturesque embankment of the river Motlava, sea air, the cry of seagulls create a pleasant atmosphere for unforgettable walks and recreation.

    Arrival Day

    It was gloomy and gray on the day of departure in Kyiv. But the sun shone above the clouds. I was lucky enough to sit by the porthole and bask in the warm sun. We arrived in Gdansk around 16:00. They were registered, took bus 210 to the city center, settled in, left their belongings and went for a walk. First photos and impressions.

    Dinner at Pierogarnia Mandu Centrum which is recommended on TripAdvisor. The restaurant is popular with locals and tourists, so we had to wait for a free table in the vestibule. It serves huge portions of dumplings with different fillings and unexpected combinations. We ordered dumplings from the oven on loose yeast dough (5 pcs. ):

    - with minced pork and beef, stewed cabbage and mushrooms;

    - with roasted beef in 1000 island sauce with the addition of cheddar cheese, red onion and pickled cucumber.

    The first - more traditional in taste, the second reminded us of something like a hamburger and bolognese sauce. Tasted original, and most importantly hearty! Check with a tip of about 60 zlotys (roughly multiplied by 8 = 480 UAH) for two servings of baked dumplings and tea.

    Our breakfast hotel Grand GUESTHOUSE was located in the very center near the Golden Gate, which once opened the main road to the city for kings and merchants. took advantage of the possibility of winter holidays in the off-season at normal prices. Book a room through booking. com. There is another hostel of this network. Also in a very good location.

    Day 1

    In the morning the sun came out and we went for a walk through the main tourist streets to get acquainted with historical sites and architecture. It should be noted that most of the architectural monuments are concentrated in the center.

    Interestingly, all attractions are located in the same administrative district, which includes Main City and Old Town . Once upon a time, these were separate cities that developed differently, and then merged into one ! ! ! ! That is why there are three town halls in Gdań sk.

    The main city is a compact historical complex, where almost all the most beautiful buildings are located: the Golden Gate, the Royal Route. . .

    The Golden Gate was built in the early XVII century. on the site of the Gothic gate and were part of the old city fortifications. Destroyed during World War II, like most buildings, the gate was restored. Here begins the main historic street Dluga with beautiful colored houses. The tower behind the gate successfully complements the overall view from this angle.

    Dluga Street leads tourists from the Golden Gate to the Fountain of Neptune and the City Hall, and then directly to the Green Gate, which is not green at all. Through it you get to the bridge and a beautiful promenade opens in front of you. The City Hall and the waterfront are the two main magnets.

    I was lucky with the weather.


    We spent the afternoon in the town of Sopot, where the atmosphere of a summer resort prevails.

    The cities of Gdań sk, Sopot and Gdynia are located very close and form an urban agglomeration called Trimisto (Tricity).

    Sopot is very cozy, quiet and beautiful.

    You will not want to leave the town quickly. We didn't even go to Gdynia, but spent more time on the pier. It is the longest wooden sea pier in Europe, over 500 m long. A popular place for walks. In the season entrance to the pier is paid.

    We went to all towns from Gdań sk-Main railway station by train or electric train.

    There is always something going to Sopot and Gdynia: either the SKM Tró jmiasto high-speed trains or the regional trains that pass through these cities.

    It is important to know that there are several railway carriers in Poland. These are individual companies, the name of which is written in the ticket.

    For example, we went to Sopot by POLREGIO carrier. Tickets were bought at the station at the box office. We were interested in those closest to Sopot. Going back, we did not pay attention and bought tickets at a separate box office of SKM. The logic was as follows: since the tickets are not tied to time, where we came from, from there we will go back, only in the other direction. We waited for the next train, sat down, let's go. An inspector approached, we showed him the ticket, and he pointed to the inscription on his POLREGIO suit. I had to buy new tickets from him. Another company. And for SKM trains even separate platforms, as it turned out. Only with the repair of roads it was difficult to understand everything at once.

    The days in winter are short, so the program of our February trip was not very busy.

    Day 2

    The next day we went to Malbork . There is the medieval castle of Marienburg , which has a history of more than 700 years. I adore the theme of the Middle Ages! All the monuments of this period evoke stormy emotions in me.

    The castle in honor of the Virgin Mary was built by the Crusaders - knights-monks of the Teutonic Order. After the loss of the Order's influence, the complex belonged to the Polish kings. Malbork Castle is considered to be the largest medieval brick castle in the world, it is included in two honorary lists: 7 Wonders of Poland and the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

    The trip to the castle takes up most of the day.

    In winter, tickets with an audio guide are on sale from 10:00 until 13:00. And the museum is open until 17:00. You should always check the information on the website . We advise you to go to Malbork as soon as possible.

    "img alt =" "src =" https://ic. pics. livejournal. com/olha1606/78060663/88167/88167_original.jpg "style =" height: 900px; margin-bottom: 10px; margin-right: 10px; margin-top: 10px; width: 1200px "/>

    The castle presents collections of weapons, coins, amber products. The audio guide will take you through all the main rooms, tell you in detail and interestingly about the history of the castle, pay attention to all corners and objects.

    Time flies very fast in the castle walls. You can get excited and be late for the train to Gdansk. From the castle to the train station 15-20 minutes on foot.

    After the tour we returned to Gdansk, found in the phone the nearest address Bar Mleczny in the center.

    Dairy bars are canteens, budget catering establishments serving Polish cuisine.

    In Krakow, the interior of the dairy bar looked much more modest. >

    But the most anticipated ball was the moment when we found the Old Gourd in Gdań sk. This is a whole network in Poland. See what a beautiful site they have . I already knew that donuts here are very, very tasty. In Wroclaw, we paid attention to this institution, but never tried. This time I already dreamed of those donuts!

    Once as a child, my grandmother read me a fairy tale by Pavel Glazov "About Donut, Bar and White Elephant": In a shop window, in the heart of the city, There were two boys made of dough. . . Warm childhood memories enhanced the taste of Polish donuts.

    A little trip, a wonderful town, delicious snacks - good luck!

    "img alt =" "src =" https://ic. pics. livejournal. com/olha1606/78060663/88413/88413_original.jpg "style =" height: 900px; margin-bottom: 10px; margin-right: 10px; margin-top: 10px; width: 1200px "/>

    Museum of the Second World War.

    World War II Museum, Gdań sk

    Departure Day

    We can confidently advise Gdansk for a romantic trip at any time.

  • In summer you can rent a bike and go to Sopot and Gdynia on a scenic route through the woods along the Baltic Sea line.

    For lovers of active recreation in Gdansk paved bike paths. During the weekend season you can go on a sea cruise from the promenade in the historic center to the neighboring town or in other directions.

  • In winter you can just go to Sopot by train, bring bread, feed seagulls and swans on the coast.
  • You can also visit the European Solidarity Center, the Museum of the Second World War, which is already completed, go to the Westerplatte peninsula and diversify the program to your liking. Gdansk will not disappoint, but will fall in love with itself and will be one hundred percent interested. The positive energy of Gdań sk will fill you for a long time.

    "img alt =" "src =" https://ic. pics. livejournal. com/olha1606/78060663/89250/89250_original.jpg "style =" height: 900px; margin-bottom: 10px; margin-right: 10px; margin-top: 10px; width: 1200px "/>

    All the tourists who shared their impressions of this wonderful medieval city still wanted to return to it. Like us!

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